Exploring the Possibility of Extraterrestrial Races ever Assuming Control of the Earth

As we progress into the future, our technology allows us to provide answers to many questions that were once unanswerable. Take for instance the vast distances between galaxies, as well as the galaxies themselves. We can at least take a closer look at some of the wonders of the universe via telescopes and other means of providing data that would enable us to see and know about other galaxies.

Galaxies in themselves host more than we can imagine when it comes to the many mysteries we try to solve. Logic would dictate that with the billions of stars in our own galaxy, there should be at least one star very much like our own sun with planets orbiting at various distances.

All the building blocks for life comes from the cosmos, and to think that out of the billions of galaxies that contain just as many stars in each of them, our tiny earth is the only planet in the entire universe to have life, is just a little much to digest. There are most likely millions of planets that are thousands of light years apart from each other throughout the entire universe that may contain life.

Surely some of these planets must have intelligent life that has evolved, just as we have. We may be a newer planet, whereas we as human beings have evolved to a point where we are just beginning to entertain the thought of traveling to another planet. But that would only be in our own solar system, and we already know there isn’t much chance of life, or even one that can sustain life as we know it.

However, think a thousand years from now. What kind of vehicles would we have for reaching the vast distances that we can with our most powerful telescopes. To travel even half way through our own galaxy at the speed of light would be impossible as we could never live long enough to reach our destination, even in hibernation.

A thousand years of technology advances would certainly provide us a means to do so, but not with conventional ideas. Yet when we look through a telescope, we travel the vast distances that we could not do via a vehicle in an instant. What if one of those galaxies with a perfect condition for intelligent life, formed on a planet very similar to earth? The intelligent life however has evolved several thousand years ahead of where we are today.

Could they have solved the problems of distant travel? Could there be nations on their planet just like ours, whereas they have rogue countries that rival some of our worst? What if we were to get a visit by one of those nations who singled out our own planet for which to visit? If it were a nation that doesn’t value life other than their own, then what chance would we have trying to defend ourselves from them assuming control of our earth?

This could very well be a possibility, especially if the leader had a Hitler mentality, instead of the help we would all love to welcome from a visit of good intending extraterrestrials. It’s as good a chance as any that who ever visits us, they might find us so primitive that it isn’t worth their while to accommodate us as equal partners sharing our planet.

To them, we don’t look any different than the way we look at other life on this planet. We are in control. However, the visitors may be like us in the same way we are to the animal world, or as in the past, and how we enslaved others to do our work for us. This could be our fate should the wrong visitors make the journey to our home planet earth.