Exploring the Possibility of Aliens Invading the Earth

Humans are a species which likes to be in control of things. However, there is very little mankind can do in order to control the possibility of extraterrestrial races assuming control over Earth. Chances are, any alien race advanced and sophisticated enough to travel to our lovely planet would be in possession of intellect, technology, and weaponry far superior to our own. Nonetheless, since we humans are stubborn little creatures, we would undoubtedly try our best to prevent an extraterrestrial takeover.

Resistance, as they say in the movies, would be absolutely futile. The only chance we would have to ward off an alien takeover of Earth would be to band together as nations, combining our skills and resources. In other words, this would only be possible if the prospect of world peace were possible. World peace, of course, has never occurred. There has never been a single day in the history of the Earth where war was absent. Whether it be nations against nations, tribes against tribes, or ethnic groups against ethnic groups, a day has not gone by without conflict.

From a technological perspective, the human race would not be capable of waging effective war against extraterrestrial races. The top speeds of our most advanced fighter jets would pale in comparison to the speeds attainable by alien spacecraft. Our bombs and missiles and bullets are only effective if they can hit the target, and it would be virtually impossible to hit a target that moves faster than we can blink.

In the annals of military history, there are a few instances where military aircraft have allegedly engaged alien spacecraft. In nearly every instance, the alient craft was able to “jam” military weapons systems by what is believed to be a strong burst of electromagnetic energy. Basically, any weapon requiring the use of electricity to launch would be useless. In other words, it would be more effective to launch rocks at them with a medieval catapult or trebuchet than by firing a guided missile.

What about peaceful resolution? That seems like a pretty far-fetched scenario as well. For mankind has a bad track record at resolving conflict through negotiations. Look at the Middle East, for instance. Dozens of peace accords have been made and broken in the past few decades alone. If we cannot negotiate a lasting peace among our human counterparts, how could we ever possibly hope to negotiate peace with an advanced and superior alien race?

Should the day ever come when Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials, the best thing we can do is cooperate and kiss their butts (if they have them). You can bet that on that gloomy day, I’ll be the first in line offering my subservience in any form, whether it be polishing their boots (if they have them), scrubbing their toilets (if they have them), or participating in exotic mating rituals with their blue-skinned multi-breasted women (if they have them).