Are Extraterrestrials Living among us

Many people all over the world wonder if there are alien races that live on earth. Some people on earth do believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials, but still there are many who think it is all talk and exaggeration or hallucinations. For centuries there have been documentations recorded about contact with extraterrestrials. The extraterrestrials have shared messages with few people in this world. There have been alien abduction stories told in the United States and also in China and in other places in the world. Scientists report that sightings are real and investigations are taken seriously.

Some extraterrestrials are not even noticed because they are in human form. Scientists search caverns, lakes and deserts for evidence of extraterrestrials. Tests have been invented or created to identify exotic microbes. It has been proved that alternative life forms have survived on this planet. A British ufologist, John Pope, says that the human race is a descendant of aliens. Extraterrestrial intelligence visited earth about 40 thousand years ago. In Russia, there is a teenager who has extreme unique abilities and claims that he once lived on the planet Mars. When this boy was just six months old he began to speak. He also developed the ability to learn different languages. He spoke about things that many people found unbelievable, like certain details about space, planets and other intelligent civilizations.

This boy claims that inhabitants from the planet Mars are immortal. The pyramids are known to hold ancient knowledge. This boy is named Boris and he is very intelligent about Mayan civilization. The teenager makes predictions about more children being born like him, and it will only be the gifted kids who can save the world when catastrophic events happen. Kids from the other planet can be born on earth as a result of reincarnation. Researchers and scientists have spoken with the boy as he reveals many details about extraterrestrials that are only known to scientists.

The Human Genome Project has made an amazing discovery. Extraterrestrial life has created new life, and they have planted this life on other planets. Earth is just one of these planets. Still, today many people regard extraterrestrials as science fiction. DNA is the building block for things and scientists say that there is no evidence of proof of anything being extraterrestrial. Still there have been many eyewitness testimonies of UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other spacecraft on earth. All of these people’s stories speak about these things, and many of the stories relate to each other, but the people who tell the stories are located in all regions of the world.