Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

The very first speculations of other worldly beings arose many eons ago presumably when humankind was first making headway on our own planet. Strange structures such as the Pyramids at Gaza in Egypt were said to be erected by unknown beings because of their perfection at the point of the Earth. UFOs have been claimed to have been seen in our night skies for centuries. Even today people are still seeing unknown objects in the sky. There are many groups of people around the globe who claim to have been abducted by these beings from evidence of metal implants in various locations of their bodies. The conspiracy of Area 51 claimed American Government was withholding evidence of a UFO crash site and extraterrestrial lives in Roswell, New Mexico. Several other UFO/Alien conspiracies have been the fuel to our imaginations for years to come.

A well known team of scientists who are referred to as SETI(the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life) have been known for picking up unusual radio signals in certain regions of the galaxies repeatedly. Only about five to seven years ago space stations have reported that they have detected frozen water holes on planets in our galaxy and frozen bits of bacteria on Jupiter’s moon, Europa in the Antarctica continent.

This has been the million dollar mystery for years and scientists still have no idea of what or who could be out there beyond the Earth’s borders. Literally no one can come up with an appropriate estimate as to how vast our universe may be. It is no surprise that the universe is much more immense than our small human minds can comprehend.

We are already set with the common knowledge that the universe is larger than life itself and there are more galaxies out there than the one we reside in. If these are indeed factors in this theory then who are we to debunk all the theories of extraterrestrial life? Who are we to assume that we on Earth are the center of the universe containing life? How can we be so ignorant and small minded to say for certain that we are the only living beings out there? We may not be able to prove that there is something out there for certain but with all due respect we can not say that extraterrestrial life does not exist. To quote a favorite classic, ‘Contact’, “It would be an awful waste of space.”.