Evidence of Alien Artifacts at Archaeological Sites

Did aliens inhabit orvisit the earth?
Some people believe that they did, and believe that they left a trace.

In Africa, Europe, South America and western Asia, archeology finds temple built to worship mysterious gods who claimed alien origin. The Babylonians spoke of their civilization coming from the heavens. It has long been thought that the heads on Easter Island were of alien origin, as well as the stones in Stonehenge, and other standing stones. Many wonder how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, and suggest that an alien life force gave them the information.

The Dogon tribe of Mali have a calendar that they say was given to them by beings from the star Sirius. This information was brought to light in 1976 by a British Royal Archaeological Fellow, Robert Temple. In reading texts of French explorers, Temple determined that the Dogon had knowledge of astronomy far beyond even that of the present day. They knew data about the star Sirius, and claimed their god, Nummos, was from the third star in that system. t They built temples, and entire villages based on the teaching of their alien god. Their community exists to the present day.

Even the Mayans, in Tulum, picture a god descending from heaven, as if to suggest that aliens visited their civilization as well. Those who search for the lost continent of Atlantis find evidence beneath the seas in locations from Antarctica to ruins in Greece.

The Sphinx at Giza is another archaeological wonder that some speculate was of alien origin. These same people speculate that civilization is older than 25,000 years, and it is at that time that the alien encounter occurred. In this model, much of the Egyptian civilization is attributed to contact with these ancient aliens.

Now that we are better able to visit space, there are those who claim aliens also visited our neighboring planets. There is a rock formation on Mars, called the Face, that is believed by some to be of alien origin.

While it is true that ancient civilizations had use of technologies far beyond our expectations, the truth can only be deduced from the buildings and artifacts left behind. Perhaps someday, these ancient visitors will return and let us know for certain if these remarkable relics were indeed their handiwork, and if so, why they have remained hidden to us since these ancient times.