Astronomy Top Astronomy Books for Kids

Most children are highly fascinated with the twinkling stars above, the haloed moon and planets within our solar system. No doubt many readers have been bombarded with a number of questions pertaining to the heavens above. Questions which they often don’t know the correct answers to. Consequently the children are left with questions unanswered and curiosity still eating at the very core of them. Fortunately there are a vast array of astronomy books on the market specifically written and illustrated for children of all ages. Start you kids of right by purchasing one of the astronomy books listed below. These books are easy to comprehend, informative, educational, entertaining and so well written.

Kingdom Of The Sun: A Book Of Planets: Jacqueline Mitton.

All enthusiastic young astronomers will enjoy a fun tour of our solar system when they read ‘The Kingdom Of The Sun’. Within the book the author uses the names of planets to compare them to the gods and goddesses whom they are named after. Aspiring astronomers will be over the moon if they receive this book for a gift. This is an exciting picture book which takes young readers on an armchair journey of the heavens above.

I See The Moon: By Jacqueline Mitton.

Children often ask what the moon is like. Now children can find the answers themselves. As they turn the pages they will see a horned crescent, a plump-faced man in the moon to icy crystal rings around the moon. They will gasp in sheer delight when they see a peach coloured eclipse watched by Owl, Spider Monkey, Koala and a host of other endearing creatures around the globe. They will learn factual truths about the moon which definitely adds to the educational value of the book. The final scene has a surprise awaiting the reader and brief scientific notes make this one of the best astronomy books for children on the market. What a fantastic introduction to the night sky this book is. Jacqueline Mitton holds an MA in physics from the University of Oxford and a doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Cambridge.

The Stars: A New Way To See Them. By H.A. Rey.

The author of Curious George certainly outdid herself when she wrote this specific book. It is a must for any young astronomy enthusiast. A host of online reviews shows that ‘The Stars; A New Way To See Them’ is highly popular indeed. It’s deemed the best book for stargazers and an extremely child friendly book. H.A. Rey has created a very intelligent method for making sense of the several thousand stars one can view without the need for telescopes or binoculars. Children will learn how to identify the major Northern hemisphere constellations without a care in the world.  Creative explanations retain children’s interest and they will learn how to match the star charts without any major problems. Those complicated topics parents often have problems answering will become clear as daylight. The writing style is enjoyable and an updated chart helps identify the zodiac constellations. Let the kids take this on a camping trip and they’ll be in a world of their own. Children will quickly learn the basics of astronomy without any confusion whatsoever.

Once Upon A Starry Night: By Jacqueline Mitton.

Once again Jacqueline Mitton has proved herself as an amazing author. This is a book of constellations illustrated by Christina Balit. Read stories about 10 constellations from Persons to Hercules. Be spellbound by stories of Pegasus, Argo, Andromeda and Cassiopeia. Learn contemporary facts pitted against ancient legends. Enjoy the finer detail of each constellation thanks to the talents of Christina Balit. The lure of the universe is so intense with this book. Most children will be delighted and intrigues by ‘Once Upon A starry Night’. It’s a wonderful introduction to what dominates the night sky. The illustrations are dazzling indeed.

Zodiac celestial Circle Of The Sun: Jacqueline Mitton.

Most children know their zodiac sign, but many have difficulty identifying the constellations in the night sky. This beautifully illustrated book offers a factual, astronomical guide to the zodiac which is very easy for children to comprehend. Learn about celestial phenomena in which the Zodiac tradition is deeply rooted. Young star gazers will love this book and so will adults. The illustrations are magical. Any one of the above mentioned astronomy books will be greatly appreciated by any child who wishes to step into the wondrous world of astronomy.