Archaeological Sites Jerf El Ahmar

An archaeological site that is as old as the history of agriculture itself, Jerf al Ahmar is a world renowned archaeological site that is located in Syria. It is a prehistoric treasure which is located on the bank of the Middle Euphrates. It covers a large area, spreading over two hills that are separated by a valley. The hills on which it is spread are Eminence Ouest and Eminence Est. Each hillock has been used and occupied by different tribes that have used different levels for their residence for over centuries. Jerf al Ahmar has historical relics that date back to pre historic times and show influences of time as it progressed. The signs of transition are evident in the historic treasures found.

It is a highly important archaeological site because of the information it has to provide on the development of the agriculture through time. The different structures of the houses from round to rectangular show the effects of time and age and cultures. The stones that were used for conveying messages are still there with aged transcriptions as well as the meeting area used by various generations of inhabitants.

It consists of 40 buildings that are well preserved that were used for religious rituals as well as living. You can also see signs of communications with other parts of the world. It was mainly populated by hunters and then farmers which started agriculture and developed it through time. They had very active religious and cultural practices which can are evident through the drawings and transcriptions found by the archaeological diggings. The residents of the villages were initially hunters mainly surviving on meat. But later with time they started with small farms of certain beneficial crops and later to large farms which led to today’s modern agriculture sector.

From domestication of animals to introduction of certain plants for agricultural purposes which lead to town sized agricultural communities and herding communities can all be seen through the remains of Jerf al Ahmar.

Jerf al Ahmar is a highly significant archaeological treasure still being investigated and surveyed for more information by archaeologists from around the world. The archaeological ruins are highly esteemed because they are one of the few sites that are very informative about the early communities of the East as they date back to ninth and tenth century BC with material culture from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, and the emergence of first settled life.