Effect of Global Warming in Massachusetts

Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. The release of C02 results in the depletion of Ozone layer. As Ozone layer depletes, solar radiation penetrates the earth crust causing temperature increase and consequently, the melting of polar caps. Global melting of polar caps raises global ocean level, putting terrestrial habitats at coastal areas, like Massachusetts, at enormous risk.

Statistics indicates that Massachusetts experienced 1oF raise in temperature between 1895 and 1999. However, insignificant 1oF increment in temperature is, it causes corresponding increment in Ocean level to several centimeters. This has the capacity to cause encroachment of a huge land mass. Emission of C02 in the next couple of years is expected to rise to levels not seen on earth for millions of years. A recent survey projects Ocean level increases of 1.8, 4.7, 7.1, and 11.3 feet by 2100.

The effects of global warming in Massachusetts take the following dimensions: Loss of Land due to encroachment; strained infrastructure; forest depreciation deriving from encroachment; barrier breaches of certain species of birds; destabilization of forest processes and land arability, due loss of release of C02 to the soil. Most disturbing is the realization that possible alteration in ocean currents e.g. the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Oscillation, could result in more dramatic and abrupt changes in climate. There have been several commentaries that suggest a shift of ranges of marine and coastal fishes pole ward in response to global warming.

Only recently, there was energy policy in Massachusetts. Leaders on Beacon Hill passed the GREEN communities act, a comprehensive bill that will restructure the way energy is produced and consumed and put efficiency at the forefront of the energy policy. In the long run, this will reduce energy waste and bring renewable energy into the fore. Efforts at Beacon Hill are not adequate, as Massachusetts is but a microcosm of an organic whole. There is need for the government of the United States to begin a global campaign against global warming. The failure of talks at Kyoto with the US pulling out of the signatories was a major setback for the entire human race.

Massachusetts faces enormous environmental risk deriving from global warming. Ocean-rise is gradually encroaching into infrastructural investments. There is need for a concerted effort towards resolving the Massachusetts question.

In general, America needs an urgent re-think of the Kyoto treaty and a policy towards combating global warming. President Obama has made promising remarks in this regards. The success of this battle lies solely with the United States.