Dr Stephen Greer a Man in Relentless Pursuit of the Truth or Master Salesman

Warning: Stop Dr. Stephen Greer! This man threatens the very world of existence we know; consider below what he intends to do:


“…The Orion Projecturgently needs your help.Nothing short of a global, peaceful Manhattan Project can reverse the growing crisis of energy resource depletion, environmental collapse, global warming and geo-political conflict created by our current dependence on oil, gas and nuclear technology….in addition to solar and wind – provide our best hope for attaining true sustainability, peace and Enlightened Abundance for all of humanity…..”

{Consider more from the same source as above} : “.

1) Imagine a world where every home and village has its own clean source of electrical energy, free from the cost of fossil fuels, nuclear power or a centralized electric grid.

2) Imagine every means of transportation running off of clean power plants, using no source of fuel and creating no pollution.

3) Imagine all inter-city transportation above the ground and the millions of acres paved over with highways freed for productive agriculture and recreation.

4) Imagine all manufacturing being clean-fuel sourced, using no-cost or low-cost


This insanity, has got to go; Imagine/Smagine…. Who in their right-mind’s would ever desire Peace, Enlightened Abundance, for all of Humanity….and how much more is his timing, untimely….given it be Christmas Time and All !?! How dare you sir, threaten our children; and the very fabric of our existence that we’ve grown accustomed to. What’s next breathing fresh air in Detroit?
The end of City Erosions; you just mind your P’s & Q’s there Mr. Dr. Greer, we have our eye on you with these very, very malicious ideas.

Imagine our Youth committing the very, altruistic-actsthat one Mr. Greer himself practices rather then preaches; all chaos would ensue, would it not? I for one am starting a self-designated campaign against the likes of these very malicious paradigms that Dr. Greer is threatening us with….I pray you would do likewise. But don’t take my word for it; go straight to the Horse’s
mouth with sites such as:

If we allow you to succeed, how many other people will want to do likewise; Gas may drop below 50-cents a gallon and a loaf of bread the same; ringing of the plights of yesteryear where the dollar could stretch for days on end; and now….and now…wait…what can the dollar stretch for these days…? Oh, well, never you mind about that.

The point here, people is that Greer’s political, malicious ideas must be called for what they are. World peace can’t be had, cause if it is, people will just get along with each other and have to kill each other like civilized people should….and where would the fun, war games be if that were the case; people might have to settle for watching a hollywood version of Iraq like Rambo; rather then the realities of Rambo be enacted in live time some miles away!

No Sir! These efforts must be nipped in the bud, post-haste. And if I haven’t made a call to arms; then send me your suggestions in getting to coerce you into doing so.

Warning: Stop Dr. Stephen Greer! This man threatens the very world of existence we know; consider below what he intends to do:

God, help us Tiny-Tim if he succeeds in the very Least! Indeed!