Dr Steven Greer

Steven Greer is a man who thrives on controversial contradictions. As a noted medical professional and environmental advocate, Greer has earned respect nationally by providing an eloquent and believable voice to the cause of producing clean, self sustaining alternative energy sources. Greer claims that with enough research funding, he’ll be able to provide such energy sources to consumers at no charge, thereby eliminating the need to be dependent on foreign energy.

But, energy is not the only area where Greer has achieved notoriety. He has also become a well known expert on more unconventional topics. As a self proclaimed “contactee”, Greer claims to not only to have been in contact with extraterrestrials, but to also have the ability to initiate such contact. He calls this ability CE5, or “close encounter of the fifth kind”. He has petitioned congress to make public any secret government files about the existence of UFO’s and any secretly documented extraterrestrial contact.

At times, even his most ardent supporters brush off statements by Greer as eccentric. And though there are many who claim having experienced extraterrestrial encounters, Greer seems to be the only one with the ability to initiate contact. His book, “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge”, recounts his own wandering experiences with UFO sightings, and his higher conscious ability to personally communicate with “ET Elders”.

According to Dr. Greer, experiments conducted by the Advanced Energy Research Organization, or AERO, one of his many research projects, are on the verge of reproducing the results of secret government experiments which have already achieved success creating alternative clean energy sources. Dr. Greer has certainly been relentless in selling his ideas, but he has been even more relentless in selling the fact that his organizations require continued funding to produce results.

Just the mention of Steven Greer’s name in some circles initiates hotly contested debates. His advocates believe Greer to be an inspired communicator, passionate about the development of alternative fuel sources, and about uncovering and exposing governmental cover-ups and conspiracies. They claim that he is indeed Others believe him to be an opportunistic charlatan, preying on the fears of those influenced by his message, and on people who feel they may have had similar experiences with UFOs, extraterrestrials, or government conspiracies. They also consider Greer to be somewhat of a crackpot, one gifted with the skill to entice others to donate to his causes.

But, Greer has garnered enough credibility to appear on such respected media programs as “Larry King Live”, CBS and BBC News, NTV in Japan, and numerous radio programs. He has founded several organizations directed towards publicizing the tenets of his beliefs, including The Disclosure Project, The Orion Project, and the before mentioned AERO. He is also the founder and chief spokesperson for CSETI, or the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. His claims seem to stretch the boundaries of imagination. He says that he’s aware of government plans to attack an underground alien base with the use of nerve gas. He also says that CSETI has been receiving signals from aliens, though he seems to be the only CSETI member who has received them.

Despite his eccentric claims, Greer still receives hundreds of thousands in donations to his projects. For some reason, people still believe in him, though he has yet to provide any measurable results to any of his assertions. Steven Greer may very well be relentless in his search for the truth, but it appears that his mastery of selling pipe dreams is his greatest claim to fame.