Dr Steven Greer and Remote Viewing

Dr. Steven Greer either embodies the elements of a true pioneer, a marketing mastermind, or (dare I say it?), a quack.

Public relations consultants and internet marketing gurus will be the first to tell you that in order to succeed, you need to find a need and then fulfill that need.

Extraterrestrials and UFOs are the passion of many people, some of whom you probably know. Many believers do not publicize their interest in other-worldly-life for fear of being laughed at and ostracized from their family and peers. The success of the nightly “Coast to Coast AM” live radio show proves the broad appeal and interest in such topics.

Most people who have not ever experienced any type of supernatural phenomenon will not believe that others have experienced it either. This may be a mistake. Some rather famous and well regarded personalities have told personal stories of UFO sightings.

Former President Jimmy Carter, the late comedian Jackie Gleason, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, John Lennon, and former CBS Anchor Walter Cronkite are just a few modern day believers with personal experiences. Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great also recorded seeing lights and shields in the sky with no logical explanation.

No doubt these and others lesser known persons tell their stories to help science, not to make a fortune. Indeed, what fortune is to be made from Aunt Sue telling her UFO story? Who knows how many others have kept quiet because they did not want to find themselves the subject of someone’s ridicule? This is certainly a delicate subject with no solid proof or conclusions on the horizon.

While it is obvious that Dr. Greer appears to be genuinely obsessed with his passions, it does not mean that he isn’t taking full advantage of the money making opportunity. Those who are interested in this area of study, or any area of study for that matter, somehow find other like-minded individuals and are willing to pay for tidbits of bliss that feed their passion.

Dr. Greer is a very smart businessman. People have been interested in such things as UFOs for years. Prior to Dr. Greer, no one with a respectable education and viable knowledge of the subject has attempted to fill this niche. Even though many have never heard of him, those who seek his services manage to find him.

The US Government once tested the theory of remote viewing, a process during which a person becomes aware of the events surrounding someone in an unknown place. Edgar Cayce was famous for conducting readings on people who were not in his presence, and was able to diagnose their illness and the treatment needed for curing the ailment.

Is remote viewing really possible?

Without a personal experience or solid evidence, how can anyone say for sure? There are claims of documented evidences of Edgar Cayce’s readings at the Cayce Institute, and yet, the public and the media do not give it a second thought. Why hasn’t “Sixty Minutes” or Larry King covered this story? Scientists and journalists appear to avoid discussing such topics in public, but that doesn’t mean that these phenomenons don’t exist or that they aren’t being studied.

As for the layperson interested in learning about remote viewing, especially as it pertains to extraterrestrials, you can now participate in a week-long study session with Dr. Greer. It’s rather expensive, and of course, you must sign a nondisclosure agreement, which is almost enough to make you want to go – just to find out the secrets you must keep when you leave.

What’s more enticing than the opportunity to go on an adventure related to your passion, and then have to sign a vow of silence upon completion? Now THAT’s a great marketing technique.

Meanwhile, Dr. Greer also continues to promote another of his research organizations, known as The Orion Project. This project which claims to research clean energy solutions, is funded by public donations and, so far, has provided no evidence to prove its success.

Dr. Greer is also a lifetime member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, a distinction which makes it hard, at least for this observer, to totally ignore his concepts.