Doctor Stephen m Greer a Man in Relenless Pursuit of the Truth or a Master Salesman

Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they are not out to get you (Timothy Leary).

Conspiratorial theorists would love to have everyone believe that sentient alien races exist, that they live not only within our Universe, but they are here, on terra firma, living their hidden lives amongst us. Supposedly, and with no realistic proof either way, aliens are heading up major business and government posts. There a many different species, some living under the Earth’s surface, some living on the surface amongst us, and some living on the Moon (yes, thats right, Earth’s moon). They are waiting at the edge of the Solar System for the right time to advance and annihilate mankind, and thus retake their rightful place as the original top species on the food chart, aside the great white shark.

Doctor Stephen M. Greer is a renowned physician who quit the medical industry to dedicate his life to UFOs, or, specifically, to selling books, DVDs, subscription services and memberships about, to and of alien species. And to making the government look like a bunch of money-hungry, egotistical liars (oh, okay, give him that one!). Doctor Greer has made the Disclosure Project, which took place in 2001, a recent personal money-making bonanza. He has over 200,000 believers behind him, but that would be an amazingly low number for someone who has “proof of alien existence amongst us”.

Dr. Greer is also the founding father of the Advanced Energy Research Organization (Aero, the foundation dedicated to forcing government to release the non-fossil fuel, self-sufficient energy sources provided by the supposed alien technology), Orion Project (espousing the use of sustainable, non-fossil fuel related energy sources provided by aliens), and the search for alternative fuel sources like zero-point devices (just like the powerful crystal-driven modules in television’s “Stargate”, and “Stargate: Atlantis”), as well as the Disclosure Project (whose aim is to prove aliens and alien spacecraft exist and are being hidden from the general public by the government).

All of the many projects with which Dr. Greer is involved in are fairing very well financially, making him a very wealthy man, and all with no irrefutable proof being put on the table as to whether sentient alien life forms (beings capable of independent feeling and perception) exist, and are living amongst us. Is Dr. Stephen M. Greer a man in relentless pursuit of the truth, or a master salesman? If a group of aliens were to show up on the White House lawn for a major press conference, then this fellow just may be taken seriously. Just may.

There is a $10,000,000 reward for proof of sentient alien life forms, and this reward is still active (as of January 2, 2009). If Dr. Greer has actual proof of alien existence, since 2001, it would be a lot more prudent of the fellow to take the Proof of Alien Existence Award, putting an immediate $10 Million in his bank would not have to stand up in front of small, redneck-filled crowds and spew his tutelage. With the reward would come credibility as well, something this fellow surely lacks.

In a day and age when almost 4 out of every 5 people have a cell phone or digital camera, and satellite cameras can clearly focus in on a dime from outer space, the lack of irrefutable proof of aliens living amongst us would surely be available. This proof would be one of the most viewed videos in the World, and not just viewed by a couple of hundred thousand people, mostly living in the Southern States.

And, when war is rampant, violence is on every street in every city, and people are falling off of the Religion bandwagon at unheralded rates, people need something to believe in. Politicians do not fulfil this role for the average person seeking something or someone to believe in. People want to belong to a group that would listen to their made-up stories of alien sightings and abductions, and then stand up and clap after they tell their own tales. The only real question left now is; why is it always an anal probe?

Religions, religious cults, alien conspiratorial enthusiasts, alien suicide cultists (like the spaceship that was supposed to be hiding behind Haley’s Comet), and plain old silly people all have one thing in common; the need to believe that we are not alone, and that there is more to life than what we see here on Planet Earth.

Is it really all that bad here, being the only sentient race on the Planet?

Maybe it’s just the times, with wars tearing Continents apart and decimating the population, famine and strife, greed and corruption at unheard of rates. People are siphoning billions of dollars out of the economies with heists and cons, ponzi schemes and other scams, people need to believe that there has to be more, that mankind must not be the only sentient beings in the Universe.

Because, if mankind were the only sentient beings in the Universe, the Universe is in for a really bad future. And a very short one at that. Where Dr. Stephen M. Greer comes in is to give people some hope, something to believe in other than faith-based religions, and a common purpose. And to boldly go where no man has gone before

May your beliefs, fantasies and dreams come true.