Do we have to think Scientifically to Find the Truth

In finding the truth does a person have to follow the guidelines of the scientific process? Well, the answer is no. The scientific process is set up to provide an accurate way to prove a hypothesis. Does this mean that every answer gained through the scientific process is true? I should think not.

Truth is what we see, hear, or believe. Take religious preference for example. Everyone believes in the truth of their religious faith. Science for many generations has tried to either prove or disprove our religious beliefs. Have they? No, they have made some vane attempts to discredit what we believe often times by coming up with different theories until they come to one that they can convince to a group of people. Have they made their truths not really. You have to believe in them for them to be truths.

Truth comes from knowing and believing in something. Is it a scientific process? Well, it can be but often times it isn’t. I still know people, believe it or not, that think it is impossible to fly around the world in an airplane. How is this you ask?

Well, it is easy, in their mind it is impossible. They will tell you if you leave Chicago,Illinois and fly straight you would have to go into space. How they reason I will never know. The point is that they know we do fly around the world but they choose in their mind not to believe it based on what they conceive in their mind.

I know people who believe we never took an astronaut to the moon. The thing is, they saw the pictures they have heard the stories but in their mind it is not possible. No matter what you do to educate them it will not happen. What they conceive and believe in has more value than anything you can prove to them using science.

The thing is everyone finds truth in their own way. Some find truth in believing what others say. Some find truth in reading manuscripts and books that have been handed down over the ages. Some will only hold true what they can see with their own eyes.

Truth is knowledge and knowledge is possessed by all. The thing about knowledge is that we have to decide based on our knowledge what is true, or possible and what we can conceive as happening or have happened. Therefore, in conclusion, we do not need science to find the truth. All we really need is an open mind and the ability to assess the information in order to make a decision as to whether it is truth or not.