Do we have to think Scientifically to Find the Truth

Is it a mistake to believe we need to think from a scientific platform to find truth? Scientifically speaking, we rely on the sciences to give us precise answers that take us to the “next step” of solving answers, in several different scientific fields, that require technical data.

If it was not for the sciences and their disciplined logic, would we have ever arrived at most of humanities biggest triumphs?

It is because of the theories and discoveries, made through scientific research, that we live longer, are able find cures for diseases, diagnose and treat a multitude of illnesses and expand upon these scientific truths.

These new researches, then lead us into discovering more scientific truths and the nature of our ever expanding knowledge and universe.

We have come to depend on science for their truths, without much consideration. We began, centuries ago, taking almost everything science gives to us, and then, we take it all for granted. Our lives have become intertwined and inseparable, from all the discoveries that continually spring from, all of fields of science.

Where does someone begin, to think scientifically and arrive at a truth? How many individuals are you aware of that could read an article on “String theory” and understand enough about it to ask a provocative question concerning it?

When I am looking for a scientific truth, I will take an a scientists word for it, almost every time.

Sometimes though, the logical, scientific way of arriving at the truth about something, does not work and will not apply.

What science is now finding, in the quantum world of sub atomic particles, that there are more questions than absolutes. The truth is very elusive at this small level, where things do not behave as we expect them too.

Scientifically thinking, we will probably not find our truths to be logical or constrained to absolutes, in a sub-atomic world.

Logically speaking, scientists will have to change they way they think logically , when asking questions in the quantum universe. So many scientists do not except the answers they are receiving from this alien field.