Do Ufos Exist – Fact

In order to examine evidence and draw conclusions about a subject it’s important to begin by asking the right questions. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there exists natural phenomena of all kinds which are still beyond our understanding.

It would appear the question, ‘do UFO’s exist?’ has already been answered by the enormous number of people who are convinced they have seen something odd or had some kind of unexplainable experience. Can ALL these people be mistaken, or lying? What are the chances of that? It would be a phenomenon in itself! The other question, often asked, ‘do you believe in UFOs?’ implies the whole thing is a question of belief, or faith, which it clearly isn’t. An enquiring mind cannot ignore the truckloads of supporting evidence for the appearance of strange aerial craft; from photos, film, video and radar contact, regular TV news appearances in countries all over the world, plus government and military interest going back many years. The anecdotal evidence of eye-witnesses and experiencers goes back a lot further. How come the Ministry of Defence in the UK still funds and operates a UFO Desk? Something is happening but we don’t know what it is.

Of course there are mis-identifications, of course there are hoaxes but there is no doubt that many people have been confronted by something that is very real, to them at least. But what is the true nature of it? A more pertinent question therefore should be, ‘what is the UFO experience?’

Most sightings consist of the observation of strange lights in the sky but isn’t it just denial or facetiousness to say, ‘well, anything you see which you can’t identify is by definition a UFO’? Everybody knows what you mean by ‘UFO’. We’re talking about something strange and anomalous, something that defies rational explanation; above all, something which doesn’t conform to what we all recognize as conventional aircraft. These days everybody knows what airplanes, gliders, airships and balloons look like. We’re talking about the unknown. Perhaps calling them UAPs (Unknown Aerial Phenomena) is more sensible. Merely acknowledging the existence of UAPs isn’t going to solve the mystery though, nor will it break down any barriers to knowledge: but understanding the phenomenon and its source may possibly benefit us all.

There are two main factions in Ufology, upholding two opposing theories. One advocates aliens from outer space, the other advocates aliens from inner space. Neither theory accounts for all the evidence. But this doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The ‘nuts and bolts’ people maintain that UFOs are physical, super-technological machines controlled by extra-terrestrials. In other words; part of the physical universe; like us. Supporters tend to ignore the more bizarre aspects of sightings and focus on technological wizardry which is, feasibly, within human grasp.

The other faction insists that UFOs represent something psychic and esoteric, something completely beyond our comprehension. Part of another, unknown universe. There may be an overlap: if something is indeed so alien and advanced we would naturally find its actions unfathomable at our present stage of development.

In reality there is strong evidence for the psychic component, although it’s still only part of the puzzle. Aside from coloured lights in the sky many witnesses describe objects which are implausible and far from solid. They seem to fade in and out of the visible wavelength and have more in common with ghostly apparitions; they perform manoeuvres which conflict with the known laws of physics; they disgorge strange-looking occupants who do strange incongruous things and play tricks on human victims. The alien-abduction phenomenon mimics the antics of the faeries of old who stole children and replaced them with their own. Many witnesses will admit that their experiences seem to take place on a subtle, psychic level of consciousness, far removed from ‘normal’ reality.

The truth about UFOs may actually be more exciting and interesting than visiting/invading space aliens; fascinating though that would be. It may represent something far more important too.

Both theories seem to have a certain validity but only up to a point. Proponents of either have no problem providing evidence that supports their point of view so what’s going on? Perhaps the quote attributed to J.B.S. Haldane holds the key:

“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine; it’s stranger than we can imagine.”

In all the years of serious research, not only by individuals but by governments, religious factions and the military, no firm conclusion has ever been drawn. No definitive statement or comprehensive answer. The mystery is still wide open especially since after thorough investigation many sightings are still classified as ‘unknown’. The practice of ridiculing witnesses by the authorities and the media has hindered the attempt to solve the mystery. Fortunately this has diminished in recent years but those in the best position to examine the evidence (credentialled scientists) will run a mile at the mere mention of UFOs so it’s left to interested individuals (and a few nutters), who lack scientific credibility.

It’s undeniable by now that the UFO phenomenon seems to reflect or manifest, the cultural expectations of the observer. In the Roman period people saw flaming chariots, in the medieval period it was blazing crosses, the Victorian period saw elaborate airships with Oriental-looking occupants. By the nineteen thirties we were seeing multi-engined monoplanes and today in the space age we’re seeing ‘spaceships’. This subject isn’t nearly so simple as it seems is it? The phenomenon seems to be pre-reflecting our emerging technology: It clearly has something to do with us as a species.

So can both these theories be partly correct? Are people seeing evidence of life and purpose but mis-interpreting what they see? Our physical senses are notoriously easy to fool. Are they seeing the most advanced thing they can conceive of because their minds simply cannot grasp what it is they are seeing? Or are they experiencing the presence of an intelligence which masquerades as extra-terrestrial but is actually an intrinsic part of life on Earth? It is both alien and earthbound at the same time.

The great psychologist Carl Jung may well have figured it out half a century ago. In an article not long before his death he examined the evidence of the time. This was the nineteen fifties and flying saucers were big news. Jung connected the prevalence of geometric shapes described by witnesses to his theory of the archetypes. In essence, circles, discs and oval shapes relate to the female principle while the cigar shapes, crosses and triangles are the masculine counterpart. He speculated that fear and anxiety in the general populace caused the collective unconscious to throw up these archetypal images partly materialized on the physical plane and this functioned as a psychic pressure release valve, relieving tension. It’s interesting to note that the modern UFO era began around the same time as the Cold War when the fear of nuclear annihilation was rampant.

Skeptics would love to put it all down to hallucination, mis-interpretation or deception but that’s plain stupid, whilst the ‘nuts and bolts’ brigade constantly wheel out their photographic and radar evidence; which actually means very little. For example; there have been a number of parapsychological tests which have shown that, some people at least, have the ability to project mental images onto photographic film. One man, Ted Serios, could apparently produce scenes like the Eiffel Tower just by staring into a camera lens. They may not be aware they’re doing it but could this not apply to photos of flying discs? And could this effect not stretch to radar devices?

Whatever UFOs are they are closely connected to the human psyche. I would go further and suggest that these manifestations are clothed by human expectations and imagination. Don’t we all secretly hope science and super-technology will ‘save’ us in the absence of God or gods? That it can enable us to live forever and solve all the problems of the world? There are probably those who believe only aliens can save Mankind.

The UFO experience continues to test our grip on reality and sightings are on the up again. For all we know they may well be aliens from inner/outer space, or another dimension, invading our continuum but because we have no cultural frame of reference we’re incapable of perceiving them accurately. Or Jung could be right and UFOs are US; we create them with our psychic interference, the emotional and mental garbage that clutters up the collective unconscious. The source is somewhere deep within the human psyche and it seems to have been with us always. Whatever the truth the learning potential is staggering. If the human unconscious is this powerful and can be harnessed appropriately we could even save ourselves! But somehow I don’t think we’re ready for it.