Cumulus Clouds beyond Imagination

Does your child enjoy playing dress up or cops and robbers? Are you interested in introducing your child to another form of imagination?

Clouds are a mystery in disguise. Did you ever look at the clouds and say, “Look mom, I see Inspector Gadget or Dumbo in the sky?” Did you ever question why cotton balls fit perfectly above us, and where they came from? When I was in elementary my mind would overwhelm me with wonderment about the stars, sky and, above all else the clouds. It wasn’t until I was older that I distinguished my love for clouds was based on one type in particular. The amazing and beautiful cumulus clouds. My favorite clouds are cumulus clouds because they are fascinating and imaginative. The fluffy pillows heightened my imagination when I was younger.

Clouds are an excellent source of entertainment for your child, and an unforgettable bonding time. So next time you recognize a cumulus cloud, take your child outdoors, lay out a blanket or lay on your trampoline, and imagine cartoon characters, Disney characters, or any image that comes to mind. Your child will love the memories you’ve established with him/her.

After your fun time outdoors, pour everyone a glass of tea or lemonade, and educate your child on cumulus clouds. Children do not have long attention spans, so be brief and interesting. Try to describe cumulus clouds so he/she can imagine a visual representation.

The Characteristics of cumulus clouds are fun and exciting; therefore, you may want to explain these important characteristics:

1. Cumulus clouds appear to be floating.

2. Cumulus clouds take on the appearance of cotton candy

3. The base of each cloud is flat, and the top of each cloud has rounded towers.

4. The top of the cumulus clouds resemble the head of a cauliflower, it is called cumulus congestus or towering cumulus.

5. Cumulus clouds are formed by bubbles of air.

6. Cumulus clouds grow upward and they can develop into thunderstorm clouds.

Read this article for more details about the characteristics.

Once you’ve discussed the characteristics of cumulus clouds, get out a sheet of blue construction paper, and several cotton balls to incorporate an art project. Your child is ready to glue the cotton balls to the blue construction paper. Your child will enjoy his/her own masterpiece of the characteristics of cumulus clouds.

Now it is your turn to establish an unforgettable memory with your child while educating him/her on a fascinating subject- characterisitics of cumulus clouds.