Could Robots take over the World

Meeting modern day scientist Jacque Fresco was almost like meeting a modern day Einstein. Overwhelming and wonderful at the same time, edge of your seat waiting for each word type of good that comes from listening to someone so intelligent.

Mr. Fresco has actually designed a world in which we live without government and run by robots. You can view his work at

He has very clear and defined concepts. Every human need and want seems to be met in abundant supply. Everyday life is peaceful and serene. So what exactly are the humans doing while the robots run the cities? Whatever their hearts desire is, meaning that people are no longer trapped to pay mortgages oh so I forgot to mention that there is a no monetary system in place as well.

So now that the robots are running the world by doing the task most of us never wanted to do in the first place why not have some fun. You can learn music, read every book you ever wanted to and travel around the world.

Mr. Fresco knows that there really is no such thing as a complete Utopian society, but what he has created comes pretty close. Imagine that all children get the same level of education that they want. There is no waiting in hospitals or learning centers and insurance isn’t required.

Transportation is provided as well as housing, food and clothes. So I say let’s build it, let the robots run it. It is a self perpetuating self contained green system that actually gives back to the earth. We would use solar and wind energy, controlled by robotic systems.

Everything is tightly controlled by robots and robotic devices. Mr. Fresco has even made a movie and written a book which you can get at his website listed above. Sadly sci-fi gives people with brilliant ideas like these a bad rap to overcome. This isn’t “I, Robot” or even Hollywood it is a better world though.

Humans have already done a great job of destroying this planet; maybe we should give robots a try. The better question is, are humans ready for a dramatic change? Could we live in such a bold new world peacefully?