Could Robots take over the World

Technology has changed rapidly during the last years and it might seem possible robots will take over the world. It is either more science fiction than reality. It is true robots can take over more tasks which are done through human people but there is still need of brains to program robots to perform these tasks.

Nobody has ever thought robots could manage so many tasks as we can notice today. They are even used for some household appliances. There is either one thing missing “the human brains”. Robots can performance every task if they are programmed very well but they don’t have a consciousness and a feeling to interact when something goes wrong.

It is possible to make robots which can speak but they don’t understand what they are saying. You can’t discuss about certain facts with a robot; the intelligence is missing and robots will certainly not be able to make another robot. A robot can’t also be a manager of a company; he can’t delegate tasks and either plans some activities. A robot is controlled by computer programs and he executes just what the computer said to do.

You may add so much intelligence to your robot as you want, he may never become smarter. It is possible a robot can take over some of your household task, for example a robot can cook your food but he needs a certain computer program to prepare this food. He always prepares the food the same way. It is not possible the robot will taste the food and add for example a little bit more sugar for a better taste. It is also not possible the robot will search ingredients to prepare the food. A robot can only do what the computer programs say.

There are robots which may look like humans; they are really no humans with brains. A robot also don’t become tired, he performance the tasks at the same speed or he should be programmed to use different speeds. Try to imagine you want to exercise together with a robot. If the computer is programmed to run 20 km in one hour; he will run this distance in one hour. He may never run faster or slower. People become tired and have to train to improve condition.

A robot can’t learn anything. People can learn new things and improve some skills. If you want a robot to do more things; the computer program of the robot need to be changed. There is always need of human skills. Robots will never take over the world; it is only imagination and maybe the dream of science fiction writers and movie makers. Robots can be used in business and even for personal use but human brains are necessary.