Could Robots take over the World

OK, can robots take over the work? Currently, no…but I wont consider the idea a complete impossibility later. We have slowly been getting more and more computerized for many years. Its the Computer that we take for granted, and with it, the ability for a machine to outhink us or do our work faster and with less problems and mistakes. It is true we see people who in theory, have seen the future of robotic replacements for humans. We have scientists right this second, asking for more lifelike robots for the space program because they fear sending humans on long space voyages. If we let ourselves be afraid of what we do not know, and constantly build better and better machines to replace us there, then yes, in a few decades it will DEFINITELY be possible to see machines that not only can, but want to replace us. Why would any logical thinking person or device stand back and watch as someone else takes credit for their work? Or for someone of obviously lesser intelligence and courage getting all the credit for major discoveries? It would make no sense at all.

There is only one major breakthrough that is needed for this to happen, and just lately I saw an article on it somewhere on the net,(sorry don’t remember where), but they were asking a robotic specialist about the next big improvement in robotics, and he just smiled and said,” we are planning robots that can not only repair themselves, but build new, even better robots in our factories”. Or something to that effect. If we have robots that can repair themselves, they need the expertise to know their own abilities and shortcomings. Then they are being given the ability to build their own replacements, with less problems and handicaps than before. With each generation of robot after that, they become more able to work without our help, and in time, maybe 50 years, we wont even know how their being built anymore. They will be self-sufficient and self repairing, and they will have better intellect and abilities than the people who originally designed them, and we will not be needed ever again. Thats the way it could happen, and will if we let them do their own building and rebuilding without us, we will fall behind them in abilities and we will be replaced by our own creations, who we gave their own life to by mistake.