Contacting Aliens

Would someone like NASA try to make contact with Aliens if it was a 100% nonsensical thing to do?

Or our great late astronomer and physicist, Dr Carl Sagan, make such a fool of his own son, by allowing his voice to be heard on a gold disk saying ‘Greetings from the children of Planet Earth.’ ? Despite we are not fed everything returned from these unmanned space craft, there must have been reason enough to believe in a more civilized races in outer space, to spend the costs of all it took to get that far alone.

That was when Voyager was sent up and now finances have ventured far into the deep space of our outer system. NASA – 2010 – says this is, ‘most imperative they continue on in the Voyager Interstellar Mission. If in truth there was an absolute lack of concrete evidence, why do they persist?

What if our technology is so out of date, it can’t even read an Alien’s contact, who can just appear in our sky-ways, and maneuver as we have not learned yet? Conspiracies will always confuse or smother denials, but intelligent earthlings who claim to have had real contact from them, are sane and learned folk from all walks of life, as well as from anywhere on earth.

Noone wants to lie about such experiences, and be interrogated just because they cannot be believed. Brushed off – just as if any minor physical evidence, as radiation burning – was nothing.  Folk don’t forget ‘anything’, and whether there is belief or not, does not, nor cannot alter facts.

One doesn’t have to be in a mental stupor, or religious rapture, but plain and simple normal to have had contact. They know mind to mind how to speak. Do earthlings use this technique between Aliens? It is claimed some do, and can. It is also claimed that many books or reports of universal issues, including how Light Ships manometer, and how to make one, exist.

That many are given such evidence, and that if minds were open enough to take a good look at them all put together – like the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle – that the authors had proof enough, which NASA seeks. An extraordinary fact is, none of these reporters know each other, yet their writings join up. Or does NASA already have some, and try to create their latest projects, called Light Ships?

If there are unmarked helicopters or weather balloons, they sure cannot communicate, unless to silence real possibilities any politicians are prohibited to speak up about. Afraid because of the fear factor of mass panic where there is already enough terror on the earth. Yet to date no contact has threatened this planet.

To have a mind which can make contact with a supernatural being, of extraterrestrial origin is just like dialing the right number. And that kind of contact, noone can halt.