Contacting Aliens

Contacting aliens: Are there aliens out there for contacting? If there are, has it already be done? Should we or shouldn’t we try to communicate with beings from another planet? Is it even possible? These are all good questions that have been debated for decades if not for centuries and the debate continues! Are there any good answers?

First: Are there aliens out there for contacting? We don’t really know. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was set up decades ago with funding from the U.S. Government, monitoring the heavens for alien transmissions; SETI, and others, now also look for laser usage, There have been some interesting signals (Check out the WOW signal) but nothing positive to date. This doesn’t mean Aliens aren’t out there; they may just communicate by some other means or be so far away that we haven’t found them yet. Mathematics indicates that with the vast number of stars and planets, life should be found out there somewhere, but no one still understands how life or intelligence started here (or if intelligence really has yet!), so the numbers are just guesswork, not even theories.

If there are alien civilizations out there, could they be more advanced than us and is there a possibility that we have already been in contact with them? Many scholars and people believe so. Read books such as “the Twelfth Planet” by Zechariah Sitchin. He discusses ancient texts showing what look like space ships and astronauts, as well as unexplained advances in technology. Are these examples of aliens contacting us and trying to “help out”? It would explain the Dogon Pottery and beliefs from Africa and the Lines at Nazca in South America as well. In more recent times, people believe that aliens are still watching us and that there have been contacts, check out Roswell, New Mexico! Of course, this may all just be wishful thinking!

If SETI is ever successful, it would mean we have received their contact, but should we then try to contact them? Assuming it hasn’t been done, would it benefit Earth to try to contact an Alien Civilization? The eminent Astronomer/Physicist Steven Hawking recommends against it. He is worried that they may be too similar to us with our warlike tendencies, which combined with advance technology could be devastating. But who really knows? There are peaceful people on Earth; they just rarely make the news! I once heard a minister asked a question by a small child, “Father, do you think there are aliens from outer space and that they could come teach us?”; he replied “I would like to think that if they are and are intelligent enough to get here that they would be kind enough to help, God knows we need it!” Both answers are just speculation, and both are valid! Also contacting doesn’t mean the same as actually meeting them, just sharing ideas between species and may be all that is possible with the distances involved.

Which brings back up: Is contacting aliens even possible? Only if they are close enough and communicate in a form we are capable of understanding. Language barriers can be overcome by starting with the basics; numbers. colors and shapes will all be the same even if there are different words. Linguists will find a way to translate! But what if the aliens are telepathic or hear in frequencies we cannot? That will make contact much harder, but not impossible! If they are already watching us, then friendly contact is essential, their technology is way above ours!

Contacting Aliens: They could very well be out there and it may have already been done. If they are out there, and it hasn’t been done, maybe we should and maybe we shouldn’t! Is contacting aliens possible? I believe that everything is possible for the human mind, it is just determining how to best do it!