Contacting Aliens

Many people suggested that if we don’t recieve a signal from extraterrestrials, then we should contact them. However, many scientists claimned that it’s going to be very difficult to do. If you think about it, we need to get a signal from 150 million light years away. But the question is: Do we have the right tools? This has been one of the most challenging tasks scientists are working on. Our technology depends on computers. From my prior knowledge, we may need a very powerful super-computer and a very powerful ultra sensitive staellite that could detect even the smallest signals. I believe that it might be years from now if we begin to develop such technology. But for now, all we could do is hope.
There are many theories about alien contact also. One theory suggests that Earth may have been contacted or that An Alien Civilization is already aware of this blue planet inhabiting Human Beings. Almost all other scientists agree and so do I because if come face to face with an extraterrestrial civilization the odds are that they are going to have to be more advanced than us to be able to travel and take the vast distances of space. We have to hope that they are happy with us because if we face an melevolent civilization, we don’t stand a chance. But I read many New Age concepts, and I don’t know if this is true, but we were supposed to be attacked by the Zetas years ago and we were saved by an alien race! When I read this, I thought this is crazy and that contactees are crazy. But I won’t believe this until I actually have this experience.
The next big thing about ET would be how they look. Looks are everything when contacting ET.
There good and vast chances that they won’t look like us and won’t be even carbon-based. The reason is carbon based entities don’t have a chance to survive into the natural disasteres of space. So they could look etheric, made from plasma or even made from Light.
But these strangers’ technology maybe even stranger. An extraterrstrial civilization has to have a different lifestyle and therefore different technology. Their technology maybe based on biology but more advanced than ours. It could be based on light or they not even have technology at all! That’s becuase of their evolution. Their evolution may help them protect themselves from threats that could wipe US out.
Another thing about ET is how advanced they are. Years ago, a Russian scientist invented a scale to measure the level of each civilization: 1,2,3,4,5. But however scientists are finding new and better ways of developing a formula to measure the advancement of ET.
For me, The theory above could mean something about extraterrestrials and could be true but they could be even more advanced to the point where they seem ”Gods” to us but actually they are not. We need to be always prepared for things like this. Humanity has to have a ”backup(s)” to help us out. But there’s hope on the bright side.
Extraterrestrials may contact us when they see that we are finally advanced enough to be ready for space. That way, they don’t have to mess with us.
But however, many of my ideas above (some of them) can be true. You only have to possess that open mind that wonders about the great mysteries of life and what we could do for ourselves and what our role is in this lifetime.
In my mind, I truely believe in Humanity dealing with ET and some how, we could make peace with them and they with us, so that we could even learn more.