Conspiracy Theories

Why are people so intrigued with Conspiracy Theories? They are the ultimate puzzle; the conundrum that everyone wants to solve. Conspiracy theories allow people to exercise their brains at the best of their abilities. We try to analyze the evidence surrounding the conspiracy where that evidence in available. When there is no evidence to answer our questions, we probe any information we think might be able to help us. We don’t have a problem with research since we now have the internet to allow us access to research libraries all over the world. If it is possible to get new answers, this is the best time to do it.

One of the biggest conspiracy theories happened over 2,000 years ago. It involves a man we have come to know as Jesus of Nazareth or Christ. Many people think that the theories just began to be discussed a few years ago when Dan Brown wrote his blockbuster book The DaVinci Code. What many people do not realize is that these theories were born even at the time of his life and death. Many people have written about this conspiracy and they have become blockbuster books, movies and Broadway plays. One of the first of these conspiracies was the one that concerns a man known as Simon. He has often been described as the one who carried the cross when Jesus broke down and could no longer bear its weight. Did Simon continue to carry the cross to the top of Golgotha and was he crucified in the place of Jesus? That theory has been circulating since the date of the Crucifixion. The conspiracy that involves the supposed marriage between Mary Magdalene and Jesus has also been around and discussed over and over again. Another one concerns a marriage between Mary Magdalene and Judah Thomas, a man described as Jesus’ twin. Also, a conspiracy theory exists about the actual reason for the crucifixion at all. Was Jesus even the man who was supposed to have been nailed to the cross? Suzen Wuerth wrote about this in her series The Magdalene Chronicles.  In book two of the series she hypothesizes that Judah was the person who was supposed to have been crucified and that he had to live with the fact that his brother was killed instead.

People just can’t seem to get enough of these theories. We argue about whether or not our government could possibly be so evil as to have willingly allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbour and if we could have known that there would be an attack on 9/11. Arguments are easy to find on both sides of the question. There is supporting evidence to fit both sides of the questions. At times, our government seems as evil as our conception of the Russians in the 50’s. With the Freedom of Information Act we can now find answers to some of our questions and some of those answers are things we might not want to hear.

Did the CIA sponsor the assignation of John F. Kennedy or of his brother Robert? We can only read and make our own decisions because we will never know the answer. It does not matter if we have another group of people make studies of the evidence. We cannot trust that the outcome will be true. We have been lied to so much that we no longer know who we can possibly trust. It is a shame but it also makes conspiracy theories so much more interesting that no one seems to care.

A favorite theory now is one about the Bilderberg group and whether or not it wants to control the world. This big think tank doesn’t allow outsiders at its meetings and that just fuels the fire of the conspiracy groups. They have been blamed for everything from the assignation of JFK to the price of oil in the UAE.

We love conspiracy theories because they are puzzles that can never be solved unless someone produces a film of the actual event. Even then we would worry that it had been photo shopped to show a particular point of view.