Do Conspiracy Theories really happens

First we know what humans are capable of doing. Second you observe and gather some information throughout history. Third, you allow your imagination to form a theory based on your information gathered. Fourth, you order those historical facts trying to form a circumstantial case and then you have a theory. It will remain a theory until it actually manifests itself. The last step will be trying to eliminate it if it is possible. All the bad things that happened in history started as a conspiracy first. Some people were able to see it coming, others did’t. 

Before addressing conspiracies let us focus on theories first. Theories are necessary if we want to discover facts. A theory is born out of observations, which make you believe there is a possibility of a fact behind it. Some theories end up in nothing but others in facts. Having written all this, what is the big deal of people believing there are some conspiracy theories that might end up in facts? But those that believe in conspiracy theories had been criticized and made fun of by the mainstream media especially.

However, conspiracies happen all the time. People that conspire to commit crimes have been accused and prosecuted for such crimes many times. Many mafia groups are constantly conspiring to commit crimes. Before they are caught investigators need to have a theory or a suspicion in order to start investigating and gathering facts until they have enough circumstantial evidence. So here is this case; conspiracy theories are necessary to discover conspiracy facts.

If we have conspiracies happening in minor scales, isn’t it correct to think that there could be conspiracies globally? We wouldn’t know if we don’t develop some theories by observing and trying to connect the dots. For most people the facts that they have a job and they see a structure in society that seems to be the same for many years makes them think that it will always remain that way. Conspirators usually make changes in society so smoothly so you don’t feel it. They might even give you many entertainments to keep you hypnotized while they do their things.

There are theorists that are paying attention and they see how step by step and smoothly society changes toward a direction that some theorists might think possible although there are other theorists that form theories out of not so reliable historical facts like the UFO crowd. The bottom line is that conspiracy theories are nothing new and it is necessary to predict the future in many occasions. All we need to do is corroborate the facts and take action before it is too late.