Cloning Moral Ethics – Yes

Cloning or replicating something, whether you are replacing that which was lost in death or for just the sheer joy of playing god, is undoubtedly the next gigantic futuristic steps to be made in mankind’s’ evolutionary and technological heights. It is somewhat understandable when cloning is done to our once and still beloved pets, but we need to observe that in turn we are positioning ourselves for not only the failures which encompass this discovery but also the successes that go with it hand in hand.

For one to say whether exercising this method through which to duplicate a living thing from acquired cells is wrong or right, we would need to investigate and apply the principles of ethics and moral beliefs. Society is built on laws and regulations, and according to the laws of some states, this action of cloning stems way beyond the person morals and ethical concerns of the public. Many state officials and those responsible for constructing legislations, consult the public in terms of their views and opinion; in turn those in society who consider that cloning is not far-fetched nor do they believe it is wrong, will question those who cling to the opposite side (those who feel it is wrong) and declare “is it not unethical and immoral to recognize within oneself that through the act of cloning many lives may be changed for the better and as such many illnesses and health conditions treated or even reversed through much research and study?!

Subsequently those who disagree with the concept of cloning will need to consider the notion suggested. The origin of ethics and moral duty and understanding envelops doing what’s best for and to our fellow man, that which will not harm him, but instead help him, resulting without malice or corruption. However many do not see things in this luminosity however bright it may beam. Our pets are precious and so are humans; to many individuals, their pets are treated as a part of the family or in some odd sense, treated like you would a human child. Men are lovers deep down; seeking to love and be loved in return- though that is balanced through men’s natural ability to war and cause conflict as well. However, there is still something within us, urging us to be better people, do extraordinary things, cure diseases, travel to the outskirts of the universe, live longer years, discover the link to eternal youth and immortality, in short man’s aim is to cheat death.

But though the art of cloning is in my own book a grand attempt at making right that which we perceive was a wrong done to us, cloning humans is still a step too extreme in my natural, god-fearing opinion. There is a reason for the existence of death; it serves to remind us that we should appreciate every given moment, days, months or year (s). Knowing that we are not immortal should provide us some sense of completion and purpose, on a spiritual level…because if it so happens that our lives really do not end in death and that we just evolve to another dimension not easily comprehended by the human psyche, and we strongly cling to that belief one will not clearly not accept the method of cloning a person (s), as it would go against what they already naturally believe, which is that cloning goes against what is taught in church, and goes against god, if you are a religious individual, these are the things which will cause your belief to not be swayed.

Though the thought may seem primitive, we seek and look to a higher power to exhibit exemplary actions such as these; but when there is the verification and acknowledgement, that our own species has surpassed so many blockades and had so many pitfalls, and still possess this extreme ability and potential to create life… literally, it is still a wonderful thing to behold to foresee that the human mind is capable of such miraculous occurrences. What would we do if we could live 100 more years?! Create and wage more wars, further pollute the planet, create and spread more diseases?! Or would we learn from the error of our ways?! I doubt it!

Masterminds of evil living longer lives would just result in more havoc on an already spiritually starved and dying generation. Would those who create life, have no further need to respect it? Because it’s all now so easy to accomplish, a few stem-cells will do the trick right?! Cloning whether it’s viewed on an ethical level or moral level depends entirely on the individual analyzing the situation or subject in question. We do not all support abortion, but there are abortion rights in existence to protect those who perform these acts. Therefore, it is not really up to us individually whether we accept cloning or not per say, but instead it is up to us as a member of a global population to make decisions and perform acts which are humane and which exemplifies and not overshadow the fact that we did not create ourselves, but that is owed to a higher power, who may might I add may have cloned the entire universe. Thus in reference to right and wrong, it is all in the eyes of the beholder. To say the least, we would all crave the opportunity to replace that which we have lost in death, whether it is a pet or a loved one, but as aforementioned, based on one’s belief we can either choose to get on the board or watch the ship sail away. Who really can say whether it will sink, or float….only time and our choices will tell in the long run.