Character trait of an animal

Okay, so you want a bunny rabbit, and your mom and dad are not so sure they agree with your choice. They have asked me to give you more information about the habits of these delightful little creatures. Ready? Okay. First of all, let us try to understand they are  not as eager as you are to bring this sly little fellow into their home.

Okay?  First of all they gnaw on furniture. Now mom and dad are thinking about the new dining room furniture, or the new end tables in the living room. They are not sure they can afford this risk. Then too, they remember how little you helped with the little stray kitten that you were allowed to keep. Your interest lasted only a few days, and then all the work was left to them. Remember?

Rabbits are great animals. But they are happiest in their own environment. This happens to be out in the woods with other animals. The rabbit family is made of seven different types of rabbits. Not all of them are cotton tails, but for sure we know that Peter rabbit was a cotton tail. But then Peter Rabbit was a not a real rabbit but a famous story.

Real rabbits like to live with others of their kind. Just you like to live with your mother and father, brothers and sisters, in your home, they too like to live with their family in their home. It so happens, however, that their home is an underground hole under the ground. When outside their home, they are always on the lookout for large animals that might want to eat them. For this reason, a rabbit, when frightened, will stop, survey the problem and will scamper onward, jumping fast in a zigzagged path to get away from danger.

What do they eat?  They eat grass and plants. Lettuce is a favorite food of theirs and they have been found in gardens making themselves right at home. They also like carrots. They can gnaw and use their sharp teeth to whittle away at these hard vegetables quickly.  Quick, it seems, is a word that best describes rabbits. They are fast at everything they do. They know they must be, or else they will be some other animal’s dinner.