Character trait of an animal

Daisy dog was a little rat terrier that lived in our house not too many years ago.  She was graceful and loyal as most rat terriers are with a little streak of impulsiveness running down her back in the form of one black spot.  Every day we would take Daisy dog out for a walk and the neighbors would stop and talk and play with her like no other dog we had ever known.  She would skip and dance in the grass in her own little way which was as elegant as a deer in a meadow.  Daisy dog was always friendly no matter who it was; she did not know a stranger.  We would come home and she would chase her toys and play for hours indoors.

One day when we were out on a walk she began to bark ferociously at every person that passed.  We didn’t understand until later that month when we got the news that our family would be blessed with our first baby girl.  Chloe came along and Daisy dog graciously moved over to the other side of the bed, but she still defended Chloe with the same loyalty that she had shown to my husband and me.  If Chloe was hungry, Daisy dog barked, when Chloe was crying, Daisy dog barked, when Chloe took her first steps and fell down, Daisy dog barked.  No more time to play with toys, she had work to do guarding the baby girl. 

When Chloe was born Daisy dog had moved to daddy’s side of the bed but one night she moved back over to mama’s; she had to protect me.  We found out very soon that a little baby boy would come to join us.  This time Daisy dog stayed by me the whole 9 months until our baby boy arrived; he didn’t cry much which pleased Daisy as she was getting old.  Daisy moved back to daddy’s side but she knew her place in the family and she would always guard her baby boy’s door at night.Daisy dog was a loyal family member who knew her place and did her part with grace.