Character trait of an animal

Have you ever seen a pig?  We know that pigs live on a farm in the country, and they live in a big red barn.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pig?   Pigs go “oink, oink” a lot and they like to play in mud puddles?  But what else do you think pigs can do?  Do you think that pigs are really very smart?

Have you ever watched your teacher or a friend do something like tie their shoes or write their name in cursive?  And after they do this, do you try to remember how they did it and do it for yourself?  This is what pigs do.  They learn how to do things by watching what other pigs do.

Do you like making new friends?  Pigs do.  They try very hard to make new friends, and then when they do they learn something new from them.  Besides having lots of piglet friends, did you know that pigs also enjoy playing video games?  And they are very good at the games.  Do you ever like to sing?  Did you know that mama pigs like to sing to their little baby piglets everyday?

When pigs go to sleep at night, do you think they dream like we do?  Do you ever dream when you are asleep and then wake up and remember your dreams?  Well guess what?  Pigs also like to dream and pigs have very good memories.  They remember many things for a very long time.

Do you think that pigs look smart?  They don’t wear clothes or eat the kind of food that we eat, and we know they don’t sleep in a bed in a house like we do.  But even though they don’t live like we do, they still can learn knew things and they get smarter everyday.

Do you remember when I asked you if you would like to be like a pig?  It is funny to imagine things like that, but guess what, you don’t have to really be a pig to be smart, but you can sure try to be like a pig by watching and listening to your teachers and your parents and by doing your homework every night.