Bermuda Triangle Myth or Reality – Fact

Reality more than Myth – The Bermuda Triangle has been the subject of many fascinating phenomena for, now, decades with unexplained occurring in the air or by sea. Many myths and disinformation “campaigns” have sprung up to try explaining the seemingly unexplained. Facts have not been looked at and accepted. Reality shows that the most striking occurrences are physical disappearances, time loss (or contraction), short-cuts through space and time, radar invisibility, radio silence and spatial disorientation is what characterizes this region of the earth as being mysterious, dangerous and fearing.

Let’s look at some facts. Air Force records as early as the Second World War or just after, shows that numerous reconnaissance airplanes as well as search parties have altogether disappeared flying over this region of the globe. Now we all know that such records cannot be put into doubt. Besides there has been no attempt to cover up or twist the facts that aircrafts and crews have disappeared never to be found again. Other well documented disappearances show that these have occurred within the “boundary” of the famous triangle. Some relate to only crew of ships vanishing without trace others as complete loss of men and vessels.

Time loss or time contraction? That’s a factor that has been reported by airmen and women that have cruised the sky above the Bermuda triangle. The ticking of a watch is a physical action. Pilots have reported going through a kind of mist with limited visibility on a clear sky and when they emerged for these conditions it has been observed that time is no longer in synchronicity with Air Traffic Control (ATC). In fact, in some cases, their locations were also different to what it should have been without going through these specific conditions. Either they have traveled a longer distance along their route or they have ended up at a different location altogether. Sometimes these reports indicate that they have covered a distance in less time than it should have taken. Did time contract? Let’s say they are ten minutes behind ground control. Did they lose time or traveled ahead in time? A matter of personal appreciationbut is nevertheless a fact.

Radar invisibility albeit temporary has been observed in cases of aircrafts that have eventually managed to come back or reach their final destination. Temporarily vanishing from radar screens and reappearing minutes after at a different location cannot be dismissed as fiction. These are instruments readings / recordings and cannot be invented. If they have been noticed and substantiated then it means they are facts. Why would any ground controller “invent” such an occurrence knowing the seriousness of their work and the responsibilities they shoulder to get all the air traffic going smooth? Besides Radio waves, once emitted cannot be chased after, distorted or erased for whatever reason. Each radio wave aimed at an object, in this case aircrafts, will bounce back and carries a unique signature which cannot be manipulated. They are very precise, very real and although invisible they do exist. It’s no fiction.

Radio silence has also been noticed during these temporary disappearances. Sometimes it is just total silence or static and some reports state one way communication to aircraft but no return to the ground. Pilots could hear ATC but although they communicated back their positions the questions kept coming querying where they were an obvious sign ATC was not able to hear them. What would then stop radio waves reaching the ground?

Spatial disorientation is another characteristic of the Bermuda Triangle. A detailed cockpit conversation of an Egyptian Airliner that crashed in the region some years ago revealed – perhaps by deduction that the pilots faced such a situation. Data Recorder on board the aircraft showed the plane dived and was mistakenly thought that one of the pilots deliberately did it. If that had been the case and the plane was in a dive how would the captain have returned to the cockpit from the restroom, sit in his seat and talk to his co-pilot to “work with him” to correct the aircrafts attitude? They obviously were facing some kind of abnormal perception of the horizon.

Now numerous theories have been put forward to explain these phenomena. One documentary that I watched on the BBC theorized about underwater bubbles due to seismic / geologic activity on the seabed that would cause and upward current to capsize boats and later as it subsided would return the boats to the surface. Now there are two questions that come to mind. One is the boats found were afloat with occupants missing how would a boat that has capsized regain its floating position without any external intervention. Second question is the fact that salt water leaves traces. Any tests ever been done to confirm this theory

Time loss, short-cuts through space and time, radar invisibility, radio silence and spatial disorientation have all one common denominator. That’s an Electromagnetic Force Field. If anything can alter any of these then it cannot be physical but has, more than likely, to be electromagnetic in nature. We know that the earth has its own magnetic field and the heliosphere has its own as well and that interstellar space carries some form of magnetism. The earth is traveling in this medium and the likelihood that some kind of focus and concentration of this field onto that point of the globe has yet to be disproved. Whatever the explanation, it more than likely would tend towards some kind of electromagnetic focus or concentration that is creating conditions that would favor such phenomena. And why not a link to other realms and dimensions The Mary Celeste is also mentioned in CIA documentObviously not fiction!