Avoiding Cabin Fever

Cabin fever doesn’t have to happen if you are prepared for being snowed in. You know what the winters are like in your area and you should always anticipate the likelihood of not being able to get out should a snowstorm hit.

Preparing to be snowed in means to have a stock of items that can keep you busy if you are unable to get outside. Great indoor activities are things that you enjoy doing and can help you to pass the time.


If you love to bake but don’t always have the time, being snowed in is the perfect opportunity to get in your kitchen and fill it with the delicious aromas of home-baked goods. Take inventory of your supplies and make sure to have plenty of baking staples on hand. Freeze butter when it is on sale so that when a snow day comes, you will have an ingredient that you need to make a cake or cookies. Baking is also a fun activity to involve your children in.


Making crafts for fun, as gifts or to occupy your children is another way to fight off cabin fever. Take a trip to your local craft store and look around. Having a project to do can pass the time. Having a craft box full of paints, brushes, paper, glue, beads and other supplies can give your children a reason to use their creativity. It can occupy them and you for hours.

Consider using your creative talents also. If you have a box of pictures laying around, being snowed in is a perfect time to work on creating a scrapbook. Once again, you need to plan for these activities by visiting your craft store in advance of the storm. You can have an enjoyable time reminiscing over old photos and putting them into an album.


Being snowed in is a good excuse to do projects like redecorating. Painting a bathroom or giving a room a new look by changing around the furniture can make your space feel new. Doing anything that will make your space more comfortable and inviting can be done while you are snowed in. From simply hanging new curtains to making new throw pillows, changing the look can make it easier to be stuck inside.


Not feeling motivated to do anything but lay on your couch and watch movies? That is fine also. Keep a box of dvds that you have always wanted to see or maybe some old favorites that you wouldn’t mind watching again. Another tip is to dvr movies and programs that are on but you do not have time to watch. Once you are snowed in you can have a good assortment of choices of shows to watch on demand. Cuddle up with a warm blanket and a nice hot cup of tea and allow yourself to unwind and watch some movies.

Cabin fever doesn’t have to happen. Prepare for winter weather and you may actually look forward to a snowstorm.