Ways to Beat Cabin Fever when you are Snowed in

Snow can be lovely when it falls gently on a moonlit night, however, after a foot or two of the white stuff, it can get a little oppressive. If you live in certain parts of the country, you may very well find yourself snowed in during one of those blizzards that pass through the country now and then. This can be fun for awhile, but after a few days, or even weeks, of bad weather, cabin fever can set in.

Obviously, if you still have power, there are many things that you and the family can do to keep your minds occupied, and they do not  have to include TV, video games and the computer.

1.You may have a lot of board games around the house that you never seem to have time to play. Now is the time to get the family together and play a game, or put together a jigsaw puzzle. This is something that you can do to entertain yourselves without the aid of electronics, and this gives you the chance to talk to one another.

2. If some of the family is into crafting, get everyone involved. You might find out how creative you can be.

3.There is no better time to get caught up on sorting out recipes, trying some new ones, and getting caught up on your baking. Not only is this an aid in warming up the house, it is emotionally comforting, since the smells of homemade baked goods have a wonderful effect on everyone.

4. Get caught up on sorting out those closets, file cabinets and cupboards. If you have no where else to go, this is the perfect opportunity to concentrate on some of these projects that are always at the bottom of your cleaning list.

5. Read a good book. Too often we fail to pick up a book, because it’s just easier to watch TV.

6. Go through some old picture albums, arrange them, and label those pictures that have no captions. If you are a scrap booker, now is the time.

If you happen to find yourself snowed in, once you get accustomed to having your world slowed down, and somewhat confined, you might just be surprised at how many things you might want to do. You might also be surprised how much fun it is to do things together as a family. In today’s world, having everyone under the same roof for any length of time can be a real treat.