Ways to Beat Cabin Fever when you are Snowed in

Being snowed in for several days can lead to raw nerves, especially if you lead an active life. However, you can use these days to your benefit if you keep a positive attitude. Try these ten ways to beat cabin fever when you are snowed in.

*Design An Exercise Routine

Just because you can’t get to the gym or jog your regular route doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Now is a good time for an aerobic workout, so turn on some music and get started. You can run in place, do push-ups, deep knee-bends and many other exercises to tone your body and elevate your heart rate.

*Read A Book

All busy people have a few good books or a stack of magazines tucked away somewhere that they hope to read someday. Now is the time to pull out your stash and catch up on your reading. Wrap up in a comfortable chair and while away the hours by improving your mind with the written word.

*Write A Book

Always though you had a book in you just waiting for the time to write it down? Being snowed in is the perfect time. If you can’t get out then others can’t get in to break your chain of though. Get started and before you know it you could have a best seller on your hands.

*Have A Picnic In The Living Room

Prepare all the fixings for a summer picnic and pack them in a basket. Spread blankets or beach towels on the living room floor and serve the picnic to your family. Fried chicken, potato salad, apple pie, chocolate cake or whatever your family’s favorites are will lift the spirits of everyone.

*Catch Up On Lost Sleep

Our lives are busy with tasks from the early morning until late at night and few of us manage to get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep is bad for your health because while you sleep your body goes into repair mode. If you are sleep deprived, use this time to catch up a little. Just curl up in a cool dark room and drift away to guiltless dreams because you can’t help it that you are snowed in.

*Play On-Line

Keep in touch with family and friends via the Internet. This is the perfect time to learn all of that Internet language and shortcuts that everyone uses when texting. Do a little research about things that you sometimes wonder about and visit websites that interest you. Just surf the web and see what you can find.

*Organize Your Life

Get yourself organized by putting those little bits and pieces that are misplaced during the rush of life. Organize your closets, drawers, bathroom, recipes and pantry. Update your daily planner and write that letter you’ve been meaning to write for so long.

*Go Outside

No matter how bad the weather is, bundle up and get outside even if it’s just for ten minutes. Just coming back into a warm house after being out in sub-zero temperatures will lift your spirit’s a little. In addition, you’ll get some fresh air.

*Play Games

A rousing game of charades will have everyone forgetting that you are snowed in. Monopoly will fill many hours with fun competition and karaoke will have you all happy and smiling.

*Make A Quilt

Absolutely anyone can cut out blocks and stitch them together to create a quilt. Make it simple or make complex but know that once it is done you will feel such pleasure every time you look at it. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift, hand stitch it or sew it on a machine, the idea is to stay busy and productive.

There are ten way to beat cabin fever when you are snowed in here and these are just a few ways to do it. Use your imagination and think of something to do to occupy your mind and keep your hands busy until the weather breaks.