Are we alone in the Universe

Sufficed to say that at this point most rational people will admit there’s at least a remote possibility that life exists beyond Earth’s confines. There are no doubt exceptions, though some of the most unlikely probabilities conceivable would be necessary to discount the potential. Math was never my best subject, but if I was guessing I’d say the odds are about one in a zillion that so much space could exist, and so little of it be inhabited. I know that the Vatican has recently eluded to the notion that extraterrestrial existence could be a very real possibility. If ever there was an organization that was reluctant to be forthcoming, accept change, and adopt new ideas it’s them. How do they account for the shift in their view? Or do they bother accounting for it at all?

The implications are far reaching to say the least. If life exists elsewhere, what form does it take? Is there advanced intelligence involved? Are they cooperative or malicious if they are advanced? And most importantly, how does it relate to us as a species? Given our underlying willingness to exploit each other to gain advantage, are they likeminded in that regard? I suppose it could argued that exploitation might very well be a universal characteristic. I honestly feel that in order to become “advanced” it’s necessary to overcome some of the less advanced compulsions of human nature. I am overwhelmingly confident that in the event of interplanetary interraction, we’re far less likely to be the more civilized at the meet and greet.

Do we travel to the source of life that exists elsewhere? Or would these beings perhaps come to us? There are countless accounts that are documented from people of various backgrounds. Many eyewitnesses have come forward to say they have had some contact with otherworldly entities and technology, and some are quite compelling. There are pictures, videos, mass sightings, and detailed accounts in unprecedented number. While it’s safe to say that not all of the reports are genuine, wouldn’t it be foolish to assume that none of them are? I personally have seen things in the sky that I cannot explain. Not every unusual sighting was witnessed by others; but at least one of my experiences was shared by upwards of a dozen other people. I know of more than a few others who have had their own experiences, which consequently cannot be substantiated. When I consider the sources, I am inclined to take their word for what they claim to have seen. My knowledge of them in regard to their character allows little consideration for the possibility of deceit.

Britain has released it’s “X” files, and it’s quite possible that other nations will follow suit. Whether or not the American government will be so forthcoming remains to be seen. If it is true that we are not alone, we as a population have been kept out of the loop for a really long time. In this modern era of communication and technology, disinformation seems to be rampant. Obscured truth is veiled thinly at best, and there’s always at least one person who knows the facts. On a side note, I would guess that many of the hoaxes that are carried out are forms of disinformation as well. Is there a better way to discount the whole than to pick at the parts you know to be false?

In my line of thought, there is not only the possibility for extraterrestrial existence, there is also a distinct possibility that there has, is, and will continue to be interraction. In my opinion there are ethereal entities which exist beyond our ability to understand, and there’s no reason why there couldn’t be other physical beings who maintain the same edge in terms of overall evolution. Advancement in that regard relies on a common mindset I think, a harmonious state, a preservation of self, of others, and of one’s environment.

Every bit of technology we develop is first studied to find a way to annihilate others with it. Eventually it might find it’s way into the realm of the average consumer. Electronics and aircraft, processors to propulsion, chemistry, genetics, lasers, microwaves, and satellites all seem to have been utilized initially by the “Military Industrial Complex”, a term I picked up from a friend of mine who studies conspiracy theories extensively.

So I have spent a little time thinking about these things, and even less time investigating them. I started poking around and discovered that Youtube has an abundance of videos pertaining to the various counter possibilities in regard to alien influence on our planet. The Galactic Federation, which is a group from Australia have produced some oddball sci-fi videos, and are spreading a good message. I thought I’d mention them for that reason. And there is also The Disclosure Project, which has some interesting material that is available to the public. I watched a press conference in which twenty or so people recounted their experiences, and stated they’d testify before Congress under oath as to the truth of their claims. There complete witness list consists of approximately 450 people. Included in the video were air traffic controllers, former military personnel, corporate contractors who claim to have witnessed the collection and reverse engineering processes, as well as former personnel from one or more intelligence agencies. While I can make no claims as to the nature of the entire list, many seem to have held positions of some authority in regard to our national security; and some apparently functioned in specific areas pertaining to cutting edge technological advancements.

To cap it off, today there’s talk of UFO’s on MSNBC’s page, inviting the public to judge for themselves. Ultimately, I think that’s all I want, to be given enough information to make an informed decision in regard to the validity of such phenomenon. If as they say “the truth is out there” I personally would like to know what it is. At the very least, I believe the logical reasoning should prohibit us from ridiculing and ostracizing people who claim to have had such experiences. In many cases, in return for their willingess to speak of the unspeakable, they end up being dehumanized, essentially being treated as though they are “aliens” because of their alternative views.

In my case, call me crazy, I don’t care, that just means there might be a check and some meds in it for me if I stay true to form. But I refuse to believe that every person who sees or experiences something they can’t define is delusional. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a spiritual matter or an extraterrestrial matter, in either scenario I would say unequivocally that we are not alone.

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Galactic Federation….. I admit, they’re strange, but it’s genetic, therefore I can relate.
and lastly The Disclosure Project