Are People alone in the Universe

Are we alone in the Universe? Although the question is really simple but it’s not.

For scientists, it’s a big mystery. I know many of you read stories online or reading from books about contactees (they are people who claim to have contacted with a being from another realm) and many find ridiculous that we are alone in the Universe.

Remember that Life is big. You sometimes have to open your mind to what lies out there. Yes, it’s a complete possibility that there forces out there that are 10-20 trillion years ahead of us in technology and they have enormous amount of knowledge beyond our imagination. But in order to better understand these forces we need to ”break them down” by type. Civilization type 1 is capable of controlling their own planet.

Type 2 is capable of harnessing a star’s energy.

Type 3 is able use a galaxy’s energy.

Type 4: Now this type reaches beyond understanding. This type of civilization includes Beings that are IMMORTAL and instead of controlling things, they create their own universes etc…

I can tell you honestly that these theories are completely true.

Many people get fascinated when they hear about these theories. It’s important for us to master all these things (above) and immortality is possible. If you look at the population, many millions of people die at an age that is less than 75 yrs old.

Anyway, the people who agree that we are alone in the Universe are people who haven’t opened their minds yet and are not looking for a purpose.

Over the years, scientists prove that the Universe is created and is a part of a very advanced civilization. You can google it and see why.

But the civilization is theory is between truth and fiction. Scientists know that if a civilization that advanced would be consisted of plasma beings not organic (like us). Plasma would be the only thing because plasma is commonly found in Space and therefore a being made

of plasma would have a better chance of surviving.

But will we ever reach such status? Our civilization status is type 0 or no type at all.

But we do have a chance of reaching at least type 1. But we still have a million things ahead of us to master.

Personally, I could say that if Human Beings have such great imagination, then why don’t we use it? There are things that we require that we have to think as One not many.

We have a purpose here on this planet.

Right now, there are many great things happening out there in the cosmos and we are missing it. So are we alone in the Universe? If you have seen UFOs or USOs then you have found the answer. But if you are still suspicious about the question, then look for evidence and you will find the answer. For most people who strange sightings or other things, they agree

that we are not alone in the Universe. So my answer to the question is No. Think carefully about it.