Are People alone in the Universe

Are we alone in the universe? Technically the answer for now is yes we are. However, I firmly believe that in the next fifty years we will have solid evidence that there is some sort of the life in the universe, and probably multiple planets with life on it in this solar system alone. It wouldn’t shock me if Mars once had life on it, and if several moons, or other smaller bodies could be situated perfectly for life to have formed on it at one time or another.

Why am I so confident that we will find life in the universe some day in the future? Well, I don’t think that there would be millions of planets alone in this galaxy, and not one of them would be suitable for life. There are more stars than grains of sand on the Earth, and if even ten percent of those stars had planets, there would still be billions or trillions of planets in the universe. Are you telling me that not one of them is going to have life?

Considering that Mars might have once had life, I think it would be foolish to think that we are alone. I mean all we have to look is just a few million miles away to find possible proof for life, imagine what we will find when we look past our own solar system. With missions scheduled to get closer looks at the moon of Jupiter, and Saturn, and the Kepler Terrestrial Finder looking for Earth like planets, we will certainly find them soon.

Gliese 583b was described as a planet that might have been in a habitable zone around its parent star. Although it was judged to be not suitable to have life after further data was uncovered, it goes to show what we have found so close to us. The key for finding planets, and therefore life, is to know where to look. Now that we know what we are looking for and have found some planets that may be suitable for life, why can’t we find more?

Remember that life can thrive almost anywhere on the planet, including Antarctica. Microbes have been found there, in thermal vents, and in places where there is no food, light, or water. Life can take any form it needs to to survive, so why couldn’t life form almost anywhere? There is plenty of proof on this planet to support the theory that life could take various forms, even those that we cannot fathom yet.

Could we be the most advanced civilization in the universe? It is possible, but are we alone? Probably not, and I think we will be finding life shortly on some planet, or a moon. The more we learn, the more we see that we are probably not alone, and the vastness of space is the only thing most likely keeping us from finding intelligent life.