Apollo 11 Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy Theory Land on the Moon really

July 2009 saw the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Funnily enough, it also saw my 40th birthday. I have a real and vested interest in that moon landing actually having happened, and I for one believe it did. I am in absolutely no doubt however that the powers that be could have pulled off a hoax if they’d wanted to.

Take a look at this particular article writers name and you’ll begin to understand my interest. Aldrin A Wilding-West (that’s me) was born in July 1969, two days (UK time) after the Eagle landed in the Sea of Tranquillity on our nearest neighbour in space. If you hadn’t guessed, the initial A in my name stands for Armstrong.

I was named after Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong and I’d absolutely hate to think that I’ve gone through my entire life being named after what many believe to be the hoax of the millennium, or more precisely, the last millennium, as I’m sure this millennium will show us more, in fact I’m sure it probably already has.

Funny how the first two men on the moon used to be household names, yet mention them to the majority of under 35 year olds nowadays, and I’ll wager you’ll more often than not be met by a glazed and slightly blank look.  Oh, by the way, Collins, as in the ever unsung hero Michael Collins, who was left in command of the command module that orbited the moon while Neil and Buzz walked on it, will one day also adorn my name, when I finally get around to adding it. Provided they never prove it was a hoax of course.

Back to the point though, I for one have no doubt whatsoever that the powers that be could have pulled off a hoax of this scale if they’d really wanted to (cue memories of the Mars scenes in the excellent movie “Capricorn 1”), but I personally like to think that on this particular event they didn’t.  Yet the conspiracy theorists perpetuate the thought that it was a hoax.

The debunking of the conspiracy theorists on the moon landing seems, wherever you look, to completely and utterly destroy, on all levels, the possibility that it didn’t actually happen. The cameral cross hairs, the moving flag where there is no wind, the lack of a landing crater from the thrusters, the lack of stars in the photographs taken, the shadows supposedly going in the wrong direction. All, to my mind, have been successfully explained with real and provable fact, pointing toward the landings having been real.

Combining this with the many personal and minutely detailed memories and thoughts of the astronauts themselves and sometimes the NASA men involved in making it all possible, in a myriad of biographies, autobiographies and other detailed and painstakingly written books on the subject and events, and I even more readily come to the conclusion that these events were real and did actually happen.

However, conspiracy theories abound as to the true nature and possible orchestration of other events in history to manipulate the common man to the whims of their leaders. Let’s admit it, many of the events that have ‘happened’ throughout modern history could well have been set up or allowed to happen by those in power to help induce the money making machines of war and conflict, or possibly just to unite nations behind fictitious enemies in order to bolster the popularity of megalomaniac rulers and to allow them to take control of money making substances on our planet, such as oil and heroin to name but two. A few of the more recent events in question might be 9/11, Oklahoma, Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pearl Harbour, the Wall Street crash, the Great Depression, World War I.

The list of events or manipulation tactics that the powers that be could, and probably have initiated to keep you and I moving in the direction they want us to, and to be able to keep tabs on any of us that might actually make a stand, is growing by the day.  Watch this space for conspiracies coming to a town near you soon…..identity cards for all, DNA fingerprinting, implanted medical history chips, cash free society, trackable bank cards for all, increased airport security and tagging measures……..See where I’m heading? Oh, and of course there is the ongoing indoctrination of the world through religion to keep millions in check too. Do as we say, or you will burn in Hell.

My own favourite explanation for where we all fit into the big scheme of things is found in a wonderfully eye opening movie/documentary which you can find at www.zeitgeistmovie.com. You should watch Zeitgeist the movie 2007 first, and then the Addendum. l fully expect the men in black at my door sometime soon for my daring to spread the word. Then again of course, perhaps this site is red herring or double-bluff initiated by the same controlling organisations just to make us THINK we know what’s really going on?  Or there’s always the possibility that we’re already in ‘The Matrix’.  Mind boggling to think about really.

Oh well, regarding Apollo 11 and the subsequent moon walking missions, at least I have my very own little piece of history to carry around with me, conspiracy or not, and it’ll always be something to tell the grand children about, or to fill a quiet moment in a particularly boring conversation.

So, with that little piece of trivia imparted and a few thoughts hopefully bouncing around in your heads about just where you sit in the big scheme of things, I’ll leave you to it.

“Houston….Tranquillity base here…..the Eagle has left the building…..”