The Solar Corona

During a eclipse when the sun is blocked by the moon, there is a blinding outline called solar corona. Many people before us have looked into the corona and have gone temporarily blind or have gone blind. Solar corona is one of the brightest parts of the sun. It is easily seen around the moon during an eclipse. The color of the corona is a very white, blinding stream of light. If we get closer to the sun to see the corona then they would look like the sun is radiating off gas. It’s relative is solar flairs which are much worst then solar corona.

Solar corona has another name called Solar wind because it looks as if it is blowing away. It is a solar activity from the sun. It can also give off solar corona loops. Solar corona can also be hotter then the suns surface which is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while the corona can reach about a stunning 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Solar corona is all hot plasma and can extend about 700,000km, twice the distance of the Earth from the sun! Solar corona is a very deadly disk of light. It can reach far enough to reach the Earth.

Even though it takes about 8 minutes for the light from the sun to get to the Earth. It takes Solar corona about 5 minutes to reach Earth! When eclipses happen the corona looks small and undeadly but if you could travel to the sun and look for yourself, you would be amazed to see how gigantic this solar corona can be. There is some rare solar corona, they could come in colors of blue, red, even green! Solar corona can even go faster then the speed of light! That is a rare event though for the sun. If solar corona could do that with our sun we’d all be dead in a matter of minutes! Solar corona can be very exciting to behold but it is extremely bad for your eyes and could harm them badly.

The sun can produce mass ejections of this corona in a short time and can easily be launched into the darkness of space. For these events there are about two to three of them per day! The solar corona can carry a mass full of deadly ultraviolet rays and UV rays! We will have to be very careful during a eclipse. Even though the moon is blocking the sun wear sun block and of coarse wear sun glasses.