2012 Extinction Human Extinction Humans Doomed to Extinction

The human race is doomed to extinction for a lot of reasons but our inability to learn from our mistakes is at the top of the list. The phrase: History repeats itself, is more true than we often realize and though these hard lessons are taught to our kids in every school, we still fail to find the solution.

World history is one long story of a group of people emerging with brians and ambition to create something from nothing. Once that nothing has become something, the fighting for power, wealth, and control begin, and the society eventaully crumbles under the weight of the murders, affairs, lies, and other side effects of unchecked greed and lust. The human race is doomed to extinction because we do not learn from our mistakes.

Some people think it will be a comet or meteor, or maybe a disease outbreak, but these disasters are not always extinction level events. There are usually survivors. Except in the case of civilizations falling. Can you name at least one group of people who came together to create something from nothing, who just disappeared, leaving no witnesses or survivors? Exactly. Roanoke is one of many such tales. Repeating the mistakes of the past is why humans are doomed to extinction.

How many times must we damage the planet before we understand it is a living, breathing thing that can be killed? When will we realize that helping your fellow man, love, and peace of mind are really the only things that matter? When will pigs fly?

That is why we are doomed, be it in 2012 or 5012. We have to stop doing the same things we have already failed at. How about a world where money does not exist? One where the power and authority of leadership are shared among the citizens, with time limits, so no one knows enough or has the time it takes to steal or manipulate for their own gain? How about a plan for helping the entire world Go Green. At the same time? Like ripping off a band-aid instead of pulling slowly.

   There is that money thought again. How would you do that? IAsk your government representative. If enough people contact them, they will have to pay attention because it will draw press. This is our world, our lives. And unless we change things, we will simply keep repeating what history has already recorded and become extinct.