Humans are Doomed End of the World World Chaos – Devolving

A World in Chaos  

The signs are all over…    

I have to say that I am very concerned about the world. I don’t think humans have a chance. In fact, I believe that “Humans are a doomed species.” The only question I have is when will it finally happen?

This morning I read several online newspapers, looking at world news and I have to tell you that after an hour or so I had to stop. It is far too scary and depressing. There is so much going on abroad and here at home.

The catastrophe in Japan is amazing when you consider that first there was a powerful earthquake, then tidal waves and then the problems with the nuclear reactors, which is escalating to former Chernobyl status. Currently there are more than 400,000 homeless Japanese, due to the earthquakes (including after-shocks) and the tidal waves. I read where the U.S. sent a nuclear team to Japan to see if they could help. This is very scary and emphasizes that nuclear energy, although very capable, is NOT worth it as one major accident could destroy the world.

Then I read about Libya and Colonel Qaddafi’s escapades killing the Libyan people and trying to hang on to his 40-year rule. The U.S. used to support Qaddafi as we once supported the Hussein family rule in Iraq. The United Nations, which was created to help keep world peace, is taking its sweet time in acted on the revolution in Libya. Many towns have no water or electricity and there is chaos. President Chavez of Venezuela, a close friend of Qaddafi, expects the U.S. to distort the realities so our soldiers could invade Libya to oust Qaddafi. Chavez is NOT one of our close friends, but he has a point. He correctly suggests that a world team of mediators should be sent to Libya to sit down with both parties and work out a viable solution. Maybe it won’t work, but it’s worth a shot. But as of yet there is no such action being taken.

All over the world are major problems. Egypt is having a coup attempt, various nations in Africa are under siege and people are being abused. The world appears a mess and yet it has a life and energy of its own.

Here in the U.S. there are more unemployed than since The Great Depression. Our “do-nothing” Congress still does nothing. There are few new jobs. Our border towns are seeing an influx of criminality stemming from drug lords and their gangs entering the U.S. illegally and bringing supplies of illegal immigrants and/or drugs to make a fortune while American citizens live in danger. Why are we not sending down the National Guard to help fight the invaders. Send more fighter helicopters and work out an agreement with the Mexican government to search and destroy those varmints and keep them away from our border towns?

Many Americans are being abused and/or destroyed by banks, the 3 major credit unions and other financial companies. Wall Street is still making a fortune. While the big corporations are doing exceptionally well, the American people are being financially crippled. There is no end in sight.

It just may be a reality that “Humans are a doomed species.” But the real question remains “When?”