Why the Human Race is Doomed to Extinction causes of Pollution Goverment Greed

Why the human race is doomed to extinction

Extinction is quite a drastic ideal for us the human race, thinking we have everything under control is our primary mistake and problem. Nobody can disagree that the majority of the human race instantly feels fear and doubt under something they can’t control and hell breaks loose.

There are many reasons and different ways that can lead to the human race being extinct however the main forms I believe we need to observe and change are, pollution and self awareness in greed and desire.


Pollution is a very complicated subject and as we expand as a human race we are gradually causing more pollution. Forms of pollution vary from air pollution, littering, soil contamination, visual pollution like power-lines to oil and toxic wastes. Pollution wasn’t fully publicized in the media and made fully aware of the science and reality until 1952 across the United States and in London. Pollution was only made aware publicly because of the atomic warfare and “The Great Smoke” which killed 8000 people in London alone.

Unfortunately pollution on our planet is not something we control as the public or will ever control. The Government control all the keys to these causes and rich private owners are all the causes of any form of pollution. The older people simply don’t care of the problems it will cause 60 years from now and those who are making enough money simply cannot think to stop profits for themselves to save everyone else.

Self awareness in greed and desire

Human beings are extremely selfish and self centred, almost every decision a person makes in their lives is entirely for their own benefit. Of-course this doesn’t apply to every single human being however this does point to the majority and the majority is what makes the biggest difference to everything around us. Greed, desire, love and passion are all what make us human and having the ability to feel and possess material things is amazing, this however is what makes us so uncontrolled. There are literally millions of example of causes of war, violence and corruption which are all with the motive of greed, love, and desire.

Unfortunately nothing I say or show will change people until its too late, from the moment we are born we make mistakes and cause huge conflict due to desire and greed. Change is possible however an entire human race cannot change within ones lifetime which means extinction is highly probable due to pollution, greed or desire