10 Ways to Axe Your Ex

We have all experienced heartbreak at least once in our lives. Who hasn’t, right? It’s quite understandable to feel that much hurt and betrayal after we thought that something is going good, and if it isn’t, we can just work through it. But we’ve all been there, and we can all relate that something big like this makes us just want to shoot our ex. Really, the initial shock of a heartbreak, specially were it literally tears your world apart, can make us feel that we need to get back at that person. As they say: don’t get mad, get even.

1. No matter how devastated you are, don’t let it show.

It is one thing dealing with your hurt feelings and another to have the satisfaction of seeing your ex’s puzzled expression that you seem unfazed by what happened. Get it into your mind quicker that what happened was probably for your benefit. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And hey, your ex expects you to be sad and crying. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that they are surprised to see or hear that you’re out having fun instead?

2. Get laid.

Yes, it’s a cheap way to send a message to your ex, but hey, you’re getting some action in the process, right? Basically, what you’re going for here is to make your ex realize that he or she is not the only person in the planet. There are a lot of other fish in the sea, and let him or her realize that he/she was actually only holding you back from taking your pick.

3. Sleep with him/her and never call back.

This actually needs a little chance encounter, and a lot of booze to do. There is just something about toying with your ex’s, the one that broke heart, feelings that seems to make all the hurt he/she has done to you temporarily go away. Sleeping with him or her is probably not going to solve anything, and if done poorly can actually slow down the healing process, but this is to make him/her realize that he/she is never gonna get another piece of this ass.

4. Actually get over him/her.

What I’ve been outlining has been to get back at your ex for hurting you, however, the best way to actually show him/her that you’re past all of that is if you are actually past all of that. It’s one thing to show you’ve moved on, but it’s another to have actually moved on. This way, you don’t have to choke back all the rage you have kept inside of you from just screaming it to him/her.

5. Get in shape.

Well, this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, especially to those that are hot already, but hey, who doesn’t want to show off to their ex their bodies. It’s kind of showing to him/her that they have lost their privilege to have someone with a hot body like yours. Just watch him/her drool and then smirk and move on.

6. Be a better person.

Being dumped is not entirely without your fault. You may have been taking him/her for granted, or they feel that they are no longer that important to you that is why they sought affection somewhere else. Well, re-examine yourself. Were you really at your best? If not, then take measures to improve oneself. Learning and improvement are a daily part of our lives. Think of it as raising your market value for the new prospects.

7. Enjoy your new status.

Not everybody can quickly move on to another relationship after one just ended. Take some time off for yourself. Travel. Party. Get a new hobby. Just enjoy singlehood.

8. Get busy.

If you’re having trouble moving on because some good memories still persists in your mind, trouble yourself with work. Fill your mind with other stuff. It’s pretty pathetic to just mope around all day and reminisce. So, get to work. Channel those energies into something useful.

9. Find someone better than him/her.

Do not undervalue yourself. You deserve the best that you can get, and they should also see that they probably missed out on something good with you. Just because it didn’t work out with them doesn’t mean it won’t work with others. Find someone good, find someone better, and most of all, enjoy their company. Just don’t make them your rebound or something like that.

10. Just be happy.

No frills, no thrills, just plain out be happy. Take this entire debacle as an opportunity to experience something better. Smile and be optimistic. Once you have been on an all-time low, there’s no other way than up. It’s not easy to put a smile on that face after all you’ve been through, but hey, it’s better than putting a frown, right?