Racism goes both Ways

There seems to be a tug-of-war in the black community, that is confusing whites. Blacks have risen up and taken their place in society, yet the comfort zone doesn’t seem to have been reached somehow. Many blacks are fast accomplishing goals, that were denied them less than a generation ago. These blacks seem to accept pride in their advancements, and move to assimilate in white neighborhoods, and travel with ease, without much hassle in business, and pleasure.

On the other end of this picture, whites often see angry blacks, who can not contain their rage. Blacks who use the term “self-hate,” to explain their anger or rage. They turn every issue into a racist case. Even blacks who have overcome poverty, and acquired success in the work place, are often still stuck on the self-hate mode.

Whites sit on the sidelines and observe this contradictory battle between blacks; and whites wonder, “What in the world do they want us to see, or understand?” The overall black population in this country is only 20 percent. On that base, blacks are assimilating fairly well in the work force. They are enjoying the same opportunities to succeed, and acquire wealth, as any other race or nationality in this country.

Most blacks claim they are proud of their race, and they can accomplish anything whites can, yet many blacks who enjoy the good life, and live the American dream, tend to continue pulling at the rope between, black pride, and self-hate. The self-hate is explained by blacks, as being stemmed from the past, due to slavery. This is not helping blacks get along with whites, when that self-hate is blamed on whites of today, who want to help end this past sin.

Many blacks socially attack members of their own race, with accusations that blacks who become successful, become “white in mind.” This emotional chaos often has successful blacks holding their pride in one hand, and the safety rope of self-hate in the other. Oprah Winfrey, a very successful, TV talk show, black BILLIONAIRE, is a good example. She has accomplished far and beyond the American dream. She represents the pride of black success, yet she continues to hold that crutch of self-hate, to appease all blacks, who have not reached their American dream.

She continues to focus on the struggles of blacks in America. This self-hate approach, does not warrant much sympathy from most whites. It is viewed as an excuse by blacks, to blame whites of today, for the sins of whites in the past.. Whites suffer just as much poverty, and lack of opportunities as blacks do.

When blacks continually use race, to make a point on every issue, whites back up, and begin to resent blacks. “Racism” is a word that blacks use to INTIMIDATE whites, into a guilt trip. Whites are getting tired of always being accused of racism. There is reason to believe, that more blacks harbor bitterness, and hate toward whites, than whites do toward them. That is reverse racism.

When a parent continues to tell a child, that he is bad; that child will begin to act bad,to live up to the accusation. Whites who have never had a racist thought, are beginning to think about all the racist accusations against them by blacks. This encourages them to pull back their hands of truce.

The news media is always ready to expose stories, that involve black victims, of white perpetrators, however, the visa versa is avoided, making it appear that whites, are seldom victims of black perpetrators. If the news were to expose all stories by the race of the people involved, there would emerge a whole different picture of racism.

When blacks start to accept that whites, are not any more racist against them, then they are against whites, maybe that tug-of-war between themselves, will open up a way to seek the hand of friendship by whites. Most whites are more than willing, eager, and open to make peace with blacks. As long as whites are viewed as “THE ENEMY,'” by blacks, that unity will be long coming, and racism could very well fester.