Will Science and Technology Conquor Water Related Diseases a Desperate Statement – No


There are fewer scientists than technology in the world than there are innocent or ignorant populations of humans. Yet the paradox of so many water-related diseases, is that humans are the biggest polluters. The question is not without concern. Will science and technology conquer waterborne diseases? These diseases are caused by contaminated drinking water; or during the preparations of food can be transmitted. Then through consumption. They are caused by…

Viruses, which need a host cell to grow or reproduce. (Polioviruses/ Gastro Intestinal, Pavoviruses, Gasro related. Hepatitis A, Gastro Intestinal.

Intestinal parasites which need the gastro-intestinal tract. (Coenurosis/intercranial tension/Dracunculiasis/Allergic reaction, nausea, vomiting, asthmatic attack.)

Protozoa, the micro-organisms. (Amoebiasis/ abdominal pain, fatigue, weight loss fever, diarrhea. Cryptosporidiosis/ Flu like symptoms, stomach cramps, diarrhea.

Bacterial create Typhoid, Dysentery, Cholera, and many diarrheal diseases. These are but a few. More can be found with fuller explanations in…


If there were only ‘x amount’ of water-related diseases, with all the knowledge science and technology have today, they should be history! Since science and technology became upgraded, there are still polluted minds who have secretly trialled (or tested,) the human race with their laboratory created water-related diseases.

So much of what was intended to be good and right science and technology, over time – even as late as the 1940-80’s – spraying over human populations, was a testing ground. Medications, drugs, experimental or otherwise, have been trialled on humans, sprayed from ‘above’ without their knowledge? Even when done under supervision in laboratories, they do and can get out of hand. Naturally, through nature taking it’s course, the gravitational pull to many water ways, brought borne diseases.

We cannot avoid the human/animal waste, carried through water ravaged lands all over the planet, through floods, tsunamis, cyclones, or chemical pollutants. It’s a known fact that drugs/medications get flushed into water-ways. Even through hospitals, isolation wards, operating theaters, and some laboratories, being flooded. Nature does not choose the victims, where water carries volume, whether in fluid droplets, or en mass.

It simply says, which ever water-related disease it is, so long as humans keep polluting, science and technology will have to speed up in these fields, when it comes to conquering them. The facts of the unspoken, hidden factors, unaccounted for, begs a question. It’s another area alone, which would create more panic.

Humidity, is water-related… but don’t look too hard. Try this test. Take a good Light Beam, go out in the dark, and shine it into the air. The darker the better, and the stronger the beam. There’s another universe of air bone organisms, and a good guess would be at lest a two-thirds of these are safe. But the other third seen in one Light Beam?

What really is amongst the unseen, that still gets into the water ways? Mix them all into that big cocktail called ‘disease’, which finds it’s way through every crack like water,. It’s like digging up the past and letting it all out of the grave, before further pollution with unidentified disease being another way water borne diseases get into water ways, and history repeats itself.

Water-related diseases are not new, and many take precautions. Don’t leave old water lying stagnant in anything. Any one can be affected. Anyone and everything carrying disease, always finds a way where humans and water exist together. Even mosquitoes though air born, carry and breed in their trillions in their watery larvae. Malaria is their water bomb. Dingy Fever is known here, also. Sewerage forms streets where it is not treated; and refugees flee in their millions all over the planet. Anyone and everything carrying disease, always finds a way where humans and water exist together.

Those who know better have to help in the fight. Know your own hygiene relies on what you too can do to help. Report what you do not know, and remain vigilant. No-one wants to be the next victim.