Science and Technology

The twentieth century onward marks the modern world where amazing invention and discoveries surfaced. Science and technology has made everything easy and comfortable. Many people with greater brains have been born and created the aspect of life known as science and technology.

A few hundreds year ago, our great grandparents used to worship the moon, sun and river etc… but with the help of science and technology, men stepped onto the moon. Science explained that these natural objects do not have any magic or something that humans need to be afraid of. For instance, the red Indians of Peru used to worship the sun god and offer human sacrifices to please it but today the scenario is totally different, the sun is only a hot burning mass of gases.

It is our common experiences that when a topic such as science is brought up, people usually say that science has caused great destruction and they generally refer to wars and atomic wars but what they do not realize is that they mix the concept of science with politics. Einstein gave the world ‘E=mc2’ which gave rise to the development of nuclear science, but politics used it to cause destruction in Japan. Nuclear science today helps us to generate energy like electricity more easily. What I want to say, in brief, is that politics hides the veil of science.

Thousands of people die because of diseases like diarrhea, cholera, fever, and leprosy because mankind at that time was not aware of science. Today these diseases can be cured with a mere popping of a pill in the mouth. The happening of disasters like earthquakes and volcanoes can be well informed in advance. If it was not for science then thousands might have been still lying on the bed in great agony.

“Around the world in 80 days” was the commonly used phrase a few decades ago. Today you can find it only in the dusty dictionary, for it has changed into “around the world in 80 minutes”. How could it be possible if humans have prevented science from growing? Now, I can talk with my online friends scattered all over the globe just by sitting on a chair in front of my computer. I do not need to puff the dust from the heaps of files in my office to look at the documents. I just need to insert a disc in my computer and whole information will pour out before my nose. All this is possible due to science and technology. My wife today does not need to wash all the heap of cloths in the bathroom nor has she to wait till the food is cooked. Just pressing a button will do the miracle.

Seeing all these advantages, I think that science and technology should be given more attention. We should let the science reach its zenith. People who are ignorant of these aspects surely are not fit to live in this fast and developing world, they are the brakes in the wheel of progress.

Surely development in science and technology has disadvantages but if weigh the two together, the disadvantages are negligible and it is worth letting science and technology develop. People who say that science and technology will cause destruction and therefore should not be given importance are ignorant of the on-going development in the world. If you ever watch these people clearly then they are the ones who exploit what science has given the most.

Keeping in view all these points, I feel it is not fair on our part to condemn what science and technology has given to us because we are the ones who have benefitted from it. We should give our earnest support to it because it has helped us a great deal. Science and technology, if given more support, will one day help mankind reach the most impossible goal. If we want to put a complete full stop to what science and technology is trying to do then, we need to think a million steps ahead. It is paradoxical to say that many people have an enthusiasm to speak against science and technology but none to encourage the scientists who carry out research for curing cancer, AIDs etc…