Will People Eventually Live on Mars

People will eventually live on Mars because of Earth’s Global Warming? Ironically, this scenario is NOT that far-fetched! Simply, because Human Beings worldwide are using up earth’s natural resources and gradually causing a global warming all over the earth.

The oceans in the Artic’s and Anartica are gradually diminishing because of the co2 that are produced from fossil fuels (gasoline) and methane gas caused from rice fields generated into the earth’s atmosphere.

Nasa and other scientist worldwide are in the process of making it possible to travel and “live” on the planet Mars.They state that in the next hundred years, the natural resources here on earth will most likely “be gone” at our present rate. It seems our only “alternative” is to find another planet to inhabit, which could possibly be Mars.

Why Mars? It’s the closest planet possible inhabital for human beings to live on. However, there will have to be many changes in the atmosphere and soil.Year after year, sceintist are gradually figuring out a way to make this possible. Although the atmosphere on Mars is “extremely thin” and has fast solar winds compared to earth, meaning that the suns ultraviolet rays can cause life to “perish” on the surface. But, meteorgislict here on earth are working on a way to solve this problem for plant life and human beings to “live” and survive on Mars.

Mars has only about 39 minutes more of the earth’s rotation! So if you live on this planet, your day will NOT be that much longer! It does have two (2) moons called “Phobus and Deimos” which are relatively small compared to earth’s moon.”Which can be pretty cool for earth people!” At the present time, Mars does show a lot of of crater impacts, because of it’s diminished atmosphere, over millions of years. Which will most likely happen to our planet earth in the years to come at our rate of atmosphere decline.

Some sceintist have predicted that because the atmosphere on mars slowly diminished causing any particle in the solar system to enter, thus causing a “great impact on the surface of mars” the same as earth’s atmosphere is heading in same direction. In other words, if human beings continue to destroy our atmosphere here on earth, any particle such as meteors or even small outer space particles will eventually have a “grave” impact on our planet.

Most of these particles are destroyed once they enter the earth’s atmosphere because of the friction in the air. Beleive or Not! Air actually has a body and density, which no one can see. “Try moving your hand across the room extremely fast” you will feel the density of the air. Imagine if this particle or “your hand” entering the earth’s atmosphere is going about 1,000 faster than your arm?

The earth’s atmosphere of air (which we all take for granted) will most likely burn up any particle entering our atmosphere. Once sceintist figure out a way to solve this way of Mars “thin” atmosphere and soil problems. Human beings will most likely live on this planet called Mars on a daily basis and “Yes have access to their cell phones!”

Unfortunantely, once we use up all our resources here on earth, and expose our planet to the suns ultraviolet rays, because of ignorance and money greed, we will have NO where else to go but to possibly Mars, which so many sceintist are working on and making “excellent” progress with.