Why Verbal Abuse can be just as Damaging as Mental Abuse

Verbal abuse, over the years, can lead to mental abuse. In fact they are connected. To physically hit a person is one thing, but mental abuse – by use of verbal assaults – is another thing entirely. In this day and age especially,  there are more children now that are brought into this world having to face verbal assaults day in day out. Obviously, this can lead to major problems in the future for the victims of such abuse who may, in turn, abuse their own children.

And so from generation to generation the verbal abuse is passed on. When a child, or indeed an adult is faced with verbal abuse daily, which demeans them, lowers their self-esteem; lowers their confidence until they are nervous wreaks, then it is worse than physical abuse. Mental abuse can last a lifetime and never really goes away. Whether it is parents, teachers or indeed school bullies, who are dishing out verbal assaults, the abuse sticks with that victim for years to come.

They never forget the terror of having to step into the schoolyard, or the terror of listening out for an abusive parent, [or parents], who seem to love nothing better than to assault their children by verbal attacks. They grow to become nervous, and even to develop mental issues, which all stems back to the abuse they received as a child.

Verbal abuse does not just go on within families and among friends, but within the workplace too. How many times have employees dreaded arriving into work because of the mental torture they would be put through. They may love the job, but they cannot face the boss, or the people they work with because they may be bullied. Bullying, as well as in schools, goes on, and it has become an issue that cannot be ignored by the state any longer.

Indeed, the abuse can be so bad that suicides caused directly because of bullying in the workplace is common. Bullying in the workplace is harassment of a person due to colour, creed, sex, nationality, or whether that person be handicapped in some way or other. There is no reason good enough for bullying to exist within the workplace or schools. And, let us not forget that it is not just schoolchildren who bully, or who are on the receiving end, but teachers too are liable to bully pupils as well as each other.

Verbal abuse can lead to stress and other health and mental problems all related to verbal abuse. Indeed, there are many adults now who shudder with fear when they see a nun, or priest. They remember the time when nuns and priests would abuse them systematically, and take great joy in doing so.

Adults who were ‘looked after’ by nuns and priests had a nightmare experience and the Catholic Church has got a lot to answer for in this respect. For her legacy is a trail of mental abuse and torture of the innocents, who to this day, still suffer and shudder in fear, when they remember what they had gone through.

Verbal assaults – because that is what they are – cause stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, heart attacks and can even lead to suicides. Even more so than physical assaults, verbal assaults stay with the victim for a lifetime and many issues relating to this can arise a long time after the event.

Until this is looked into seriously by authorities, doctors, and psychologists, then verbal abuse will continue in the workplace, in schools, at home, and wherever else it raises its ugly head. it can lead to a lifetime of hurt and sorrow, and can leave mental scars that simply will not heal.

Verbal abuse and mental abuse are connected – they are one and the same. Verbal abuse leads to mental torture of the mind, and can indeed, last a lifetime. More help needs to be offered to the victims of verbal assaults and there has to be somewhere a person can go to seek help if they are such victims. Look at your employment rights, were do they stand on bullying in the workplace?

Indeed, for that matter, do schools have in place anti-bullying policies? Check these out if your child is a victim of such bullying. If you feel that the school is not doing enough to protect your child, consider home tutoring your child if possible, and threaten the school with court action. Parents should know that they are placing the care of their children in the hands of the school, if this trust is lost, and you feel your child is not being protected from mental abuse, then other issues will arise.

The same goes for the workplace. What is their anti-bullying policy [if, indeed, they have any at all]? Where do you stand when it comes to the mental abuse of workers? Is there an organisation you can turn too if you feel you are being mentally assaulted daily in work? You must check this out and know your rights as an employee.

Verbal abuse is horrible, unnecessary and can demean the person on the receiving end. It can lead to loss of productivity within the workplace, and a loss of a potential star pupil in school. But more than that, the effects of such abuse can and do last a lifetime and can lead ultimately to suicide.