Why trees are needed for the health of the planet

Every fruit eating creature of nature, plants seeds of the trees they have eaten. Even the forest and jungle trees which drop their seeds, help in the re-growth of trees.

It took humans a long time to learn how important the planting of trees was for their own, as well as the Earth’s total survival cycle. It might take 10 – 30 years for a tree to become established as a bigger tree; but it only takes 10 – 30 minutes, to cut one tree down, of the same age.

The more tree-wise to the planet’s plight we are becoming, the more – even schools and other projects – have taken to tree replenishment. Many remain still small and protected within their wind frames, but at least they are in the soil. Awareness is a big issue in why tree planting is great for the atmosphere. Without it, we would be having more problems than we already have, just with our own breathing.

One encouraging recent photo of trees planted was in the arid desert grounds of a school, in 1995 in Botswana, Africa. These, though they know not who planted them, have now grown like the school, to double story height, with healthy green foliage. Here a large area is no more desolate; watered from a bucket and tin, where even water is a precious commodity.

The interaction between the sun and the photosynthesis within trees leaves, and all plants, is only part of the cycle for healthy air to breathe and live. Their carbon dioxide exchange gives us our oxygen supply in return. Trees help to absorb the CO2’s toxic vapors in our atmosphere. The excess would create the story we all know of, as global warming.

With so much pollution in our atmosphere, plus population growth in exchange for trees, remnants of trees scattered between huge areas of stripped land, leaves our Earth gasping. One only has to see a child, or and adult fighting the same for their life, to know what Mother Earth herself must feel like, where no-one sees her.

Trees are needed to help cleanse the atmosphere of pollutants. Have you seen a tree hanging on for dear life, where not even a blade of grass will grow? It’s a tragic sight for sheer survival.

Nomadic or indigenous folk have been blamed for felling and killing off trees for their wood to survive. In places some have been duped – or forced – into the monetary world where ‘tree logging and chipping means money, they now need to survive with!’ Yet put all these together against the supposed to be European/western cultures – despite where these have migrated through time – and no-one has cut down more trees for the sake of ‘property’ than us.

In huge cities where few trees grow, except along street lines, these are outnumbered by human populations who breath the air the same trees need; which give breath back to the same who remove and pollute, without a thought. The oscillating cycle between humans, and creatures of all life, needs the life-force conversion between trees and the atmosphere, as much as fish need water. Bringing back the need for water to keep the trees alive, which this system of balance calls for.

There is no separation in nature, except human nature which takes more than it gives. There is error when we think all we see, is our sky; that it cannot choke, or drown in excess… and expire as we do.

Our atmospherics are more than just a nice blue spring-like day, or balmy sunset, or a moon-lit night. They are more than hot and cold seasons which bring within the winds of change all kinds of weather. Think of the total picture as being our life line; and the trees and branches, the arterial circulatory system through which our blood must flow with oxygen, which we breath from our atmosphere.

Next time you see a tree, look closely at a leaf and it’s arteries. If you see one which anything from disease to a caterpillar has stripped it to its flesh, leaving it looking more lace-like than a leaf, know that it will die. For even in such a desolate beauty so frail, that’s exactly what would become of our atmosphere, without the trees.

See the trees at twilight with a halo in their aura of light as they give off energy; when the carbon dioxide exchange takes its place in the night air. And when we go to sleep know they and the atmosphere to which most close their windows and curtains to, are still working overtime, so we can wake in the morning, and keep breathing with the trees.

So take a deep fresh air breath. Never think the carbon they must store as cellulose within their trunks, branches and leaves is not as important. Carbon is the building block of Life… even for us.

For like each other as humans, we, the trees, nor the atmosphere, were never meant to live without each other being guardians in life. We were made for each other.