Can all Knowing Beings Manipulate Matter on a Quantum Level – Yes

Could the author of this title have just simply asked “Could a God control matter?” The question is an obvious attempt to side step the whole “God” issue.  I mean “Heavens” forbid there are boundaries to our senses, or that 100 percent of what we know represents about one trillionth of the truth.  The only thing that we as a species of animal should and can be sure of is that we don’t know as much as we should.  Even despite Hadron Colliders and super space telescopes, we can’t even quantify what simple space is?  It’s everywhere, we consume it, travel through it yet we don’t know a thing about space or why and how it exists!

So why do super-sciencey people get absolutely IRATE that someone would have the audacity to ask basically, can God control the matter that He created.  Furthermore, why wouldn’t He make us with a limited ability to understand our existence, thus causing us to use the limited amount of clues He has left us.  And so we build the Colliders and super space-scopes.  But so far these things have revealed, that among all probability God has just amount of a chance of existing as not.  Obviously, I do believe in a deity far superior to us that has had a strong part in our creation.  Every other religion has different names or conditions for these deities, and I have my own that I have cultured from life so far that I don’t wish to share or debate.  My faith is strong enough to not go around preaching it in everyone’s ear.  But as a pragmatist i must also say that one in two odds are not that bad, and a couple of Sundays in church might save your butt even if you have to phone it in.

However, this being another one of those “God lifting the biggest rock” type questions that atheists glorify in, I felt I should share some.  Superpositioning is the ability of quantum particles to exist in two places simultaneously.  If God made the quantum particles, and God made the rules surrounding all physics in the known and unknown Universe’s, then YES is the absolute answer to this question. (And, yes I did attempt to pluralize universe)  That’s IF you believe in God.  If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t believe in omniscience since no physical proof has ever been found to prove it could exist and no machine has been built, by humans at least, with the ability to be omniscient.  I hold room for the possibility of an omniscient being that isn’t necessarily God, and so I must hold room for the possibility for an all knowing being that can manipulate matter on a quantum level that might not necessarily be God.  To say unequivocably that there is no way something that knows everything might have quantum powers is more dogmatic than organized religion.

I would posit that if there are omniscient beings in existence with God, that might be an explanation for angels or devils, and if so they might have access to quantum abilities beyond our understanding.