Why Sustainable Agriculture is Important in Todays World

The life and livelihood of small family farms depends on sustainable agriculture. Small farms have parceled off land, ended production, auctioned off livestock and equipment. Small farming communities are unable to compete with environmentally unfriendly Factory farms.

Huge factory farms care about making profits and will rape the land and mistreat animals to ensure that the bottom line is profitable. Sustainable agriculture benefits local farmers and local communities, that’s why it’s important in today’s world. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle makes sense.

It’s no longer far off, it’s a real life crisis today. Broken communities and depleted resources are a reality. Soil is fragile and alive. As caretakers (stewards), our job is to nurture and protect. Enlightenment is spreading around the world. Sustainable agriculture is the answer to ensuring continued productivity and stability of the world’s agriculture production.

Sustainable agriculture is a way of life. There are no laws to adhere to. Each step that individuals or farmers take benefits them, you, families, and the world on a whole. Sustainable farmers are able to sustain production indefinitely because they never take more than they give back to the land.


A Conserve/Preserve mentality ~

Replenishing land, air, water, and soil for future use. Waste produced is absorbed within the farm’s ecosystem and not allowed to pollute the environment. “Keeping it local” mentality is key to eliminating transportation costs and reliance on fossil fuels.

Humane Animal Treatment ~

Well cared for animals are allowed to act normally and fed a natural diet. Making livestock healthier, happier and provide consumers with safer meat supplies.

Bio Diversity ~

The rotation of crops enriches the soil, prevents the need to use chemical pesticides (natural weed killer), and stops crop disease. Cover crops stop soil erosion and maintain soil nutrients. Healthy soil is key to sustainability.

Economic Viability ~

Creating fair wages means that sustainable farmers will not be reliant on government subsidies. A resurgence of smaller family run farms will lead to strengthened rural communities. Strengthened rural communities benefits everyone.


Healthier food options ~

Eating foods grown locally means that your family gets a lot more nutrients from their food. Crop rotation on sustainable farms means little or no pesticides are used. Grass fed cattle have 6x more Omega 3’s (a good fat) than Factory farmed meat. Omega’s are good for your cardiovascular system and brain function.

Improving Animal Welfare ~

Buying from local and independent growers helps encourage the humane treatment of animals. Good housing, food, and being allowed to act as they normally often leads to a happier animal. Happier animals are healthier. Needing less or no medications.

Supporting Rural Communities ~

The ability of farms to successfully adopt sustainable practices is important to local communities. When a farm is profitable, it boosts the local economy too. Investment and new jobs are created as the local economy prospers.

The more support sustainable farmers receive, the more sustainable foods will be grown. Support local sustainable farms. Think globally by shopping locally.