Why Spring Rain is Important for Local Ecosystems

Seasons are part of how nature works. It is a delicate balance of temperature, and cycle of life that create an ecosystem. Local eco systems are those geographically defined areas of the world that have differing needs to sustain and encourage life on earth to flourish, not only of plants, but of all the animals, and natural phenomena such as water sources and landscape that make up the structure of that system. A change in climate can destroy one element of an eco system and that one element can in turn create a domino effect, destroying many elements of what keep that eco system stable.

All over the world, climate changes have been reported. The ice caps are melting causing flooding in other parts of the world. Animals are losing their homes in the shelter of woodlands that are being destroyed, and whilst man has a certain amount of responsibility to his planet, what he cannot control, and what plays an enormous part in what is happening, is the weather.

Every Spring, the rainwater in different parts of the world replenish stocks on local eco systems, and the effect of this replenishment means that life is sustained, not only for the different species of animals that depend upon it, but for the flora and fauna of that particular local eco system.

Without the customary Spring rains, how would plants recover from winter and come back to life or bulbs within the garden get sufficient moisture to encourage them to shoot from the earth and give us the pleasure of flowers. These natural phenomenon are more important than we give them credit for since the fresh water of Spring rain replenishes the world’s sources of natural water, which in turn feed rivers and give back oxygen to winter waters, sustaining the wildlife that live in the waters, as well as being valuable for the growth of greenery.

When you look out of the window and see that Spring rain, be glad. Be grateful that in your particular local eco system, all is well with the world, and the cycle of life has been given the chance of rebirth.

It is a wonder, and something to marvel at, and when you see those first crocus, see a bird drinking rainwater from the bird bath, see the rivers abundant with water, and the leaves forming on the trees, thank God for the wonders not only of Spring, but the rains that come with it.

Life is good. Celebrate it.